Thursday, September 29, 2011

National "what" day

yeah, i refuse to call it national coffee day b/c I have not found one "deal" in the town of fort collins. Probably 
the biggest complaint I have with this place. 
There is no krispy creme, cariboi coffee or dunkin Donuts around here!!!! And they seem to be the only places offering a deal. :( There is only starbucks and Panera and they don't seem to even realize it's National coffee day!
Yeah, so you guessed it - I LOVE COFFEE. Go ahead and judge all you out there who are against it and who think it's bad for you, and even you who think its sinful. It doesn't bother me that much. :)

I have been drinking it since I was 2 yrs old. Just part of the Culture in Ecuador. But since I've been "americanized" I drink it totally different now. I'll drink it anyway you please. Black, with cream, latte's, iced, hot - you name it, I'll drink it.  (but I prefer black if it's hot, and DD's if it's iced)
Again - judge if you want - but the other day I realized I drank a whole pot of coffee ALL BY MYSELF (except for a tiny mug that Richard got before he left for work). Now that I admit is a little bad. If it's there, I'll drink it. Now that it's cooler out, I feel myself wanting to drink it all the time. 

It's one of the first things I think of when i get up! I go to bed in anticipation for that warm cup of wonderfulness in the AM. 
I don't think it gives me a buzz or helps me feel like I have more energy, I just love drinking it. I love the experience of holding this warm mug filled with goodness, I love the coffee shop atmosphere, I love meeting friends over coffee. I love feeling chilly and drinking a wonderful cup of coffee with my husband. (I"m so glad he likes it too)

So Happy National Coffee day to everyone else who got a free one. I just drank a normal cup here at home. :) (still good though).


Michelle said...

Happy Coffee Day! I didn't get a "deal" today either...ha! But it's only because I'm stranded in the house with no transportation!!! Sorry you don't get the chance to find coffee deals where you are now. (and you and I are the same in the fact that you think about your AM cup of joe as you fall asleep in the PM....hahaha!

Helaine DeMarte said...

I got Phil a grinder and some beans for our anniversary, and I think of you every time he grinds the beans. I will always remember waking up to the sound of you and your sister grinding the beans... :) Sorry you didn't get a free drink.

jeileenbaylor said...

I LOVE coffee too girl and I am so sad that they mainly have instant here at the store and people's houses! So we're going to do some searching on good deals for espresso machines :)

Trina Mayfield said...

It's your mother's fault you like coffee too! Since I don't like it, I gave my kids my cup of coffee whenever I was served it. It is just part of life in Ecuador, so you got a lot of it when you were younger. Now I have to drink my own cup!!! But I totally agree about the warm part, just put tea in my cup please!;-)

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