Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Month 2 of Carson's Life

Carson is now officially 2 months old. He does good sleeping for the most part. He smiles a lot now and is starting to laugh and make baby talking noices. Sometimes Richard and him will carry on converstations in a different language. Mostly Carson is trying to imitate the sounds that Richard makes. It's so cute.
My grandparents on my dad's side of the family came here to visit us for about 4 nights. We had a great time. Although we didn't do too much, we still had a great time relaxing and playing with the baby. He enjoyed being spoiled and being held all the time. I think that my grandparents loved being able to bond with their Great Grandson. It was a lot of fun. Juli and Scott we able to make it for 2 nights. They were in NYC for a wedding and stopped by here for a little to see our new place and to meet their nephew. They had never visited us here in Scranton, so that was fun to spend with them. We had a houseful, but us mayfields are so flexible about that and we had a great time. I love when I get to spend time with my sisters.

Then for Memorial Day weekend we decided last minute to drive to Altoona PA to see Jerelyn and her family. Jeffrey is living there for the summer too so we all got to see eachother and we had a great time. They all got to meet Carson too. Jerelyn is about 33 weeks pregnant and really feeling it, so we didn't do too much last weekend either, but us girls can just sit and talk for hours about anything. Her son Daniel is so cute too. It's so nice that we were able to see so much family in a short amount of time. My dad now is the only one that hasn't met Carson on my side of my immediate family, hopefully he will later this summer.

About a month ago we found out that Richard's mother has breast cancer. They have already done surgery and were optomistic about how that went, and this past weekend she had her first treatment of Chemo. Things are going as well as they can for her. WE just continue to pray for her and for strength. They are planning on coming out next week to see Carson and I really hope that it works out.
We have been so thankful for skype lately. Technology really is so nice to have every once in a while. Since the grandparents are both very far away, we have been using skype so they can see Carson growing etc. It has been very fun.
Today I started work too. So far it has been going good. I think it will be ok. It's not too hard of work, it will just be tricky to work out Carson's schedule around work. (what I'm doing can't be felixble time wise). So I just will take each day at a time and hope it works out ok. I"m just so thankful that I can work from home and still help out with our budget and paying for school, while taking care of Carson. Its neat to look back and see how God worked everything out - from the first time I saw this job posting on the internet when we first moved here, to drivnig far for work every day, to offering me another job but then making me pregnant so I couldn't take that job, and then my work being willing to move me to a closer office and then letting me work from home. I didn't know it as I was going through all those decisions but God was just working all things out for me to be able to work from home, and providing for us financially. So So Cool!!!

Well I hope everyone is doing good this week. Enjoy the week!
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