Thursday, February 28, 2008

Daniel James

Congratulations Jerelyn and Bryan Kurty on the birth of your new son! His name is Daniel James and he was born on Feb. 19th, weighed 8lbs 13 oz, and was 20 inches long. He is very healthy and doing great. But not without a little difficulty getting him into this world. I went down to visit Jerelyn that Sat right after Valentines Day (which was her due date). All day on Sunday she was having contractions. My mom showed up from Ecuador and we were so excited to be together with her again. So Monday morning Jerelyn called me and Mum and told us the Doctor said to go in for labor. (Jerelyn had called her that morning and explained about the contractions and they were coming often and hard so the doctor said to go in) I thought ( I obviously don't know much about these things) that she was going to have the baby soon, and I was so happy that I was going to be there. I had Monday off of work for President's Day. So we spent all day in the hospital and everything was moving very slowly. I started to think maybe I won't get to be here. About 2pm the doctor decides to go ahead and induce her. So again I figure it's goign to be soon now. But I have to leave to come home. So I was sad that I was going to miss it. But Jerelyn spent all night and the whole next morning still in labor. She had over 30 hours of labor, and the doctor finally decided to go ahead and do a c-section. Daniel's heart rate was slowing down. So after all that she ended up having a c-section anyways. She was pretty tired after all that, but now is doing great and the doctor says one of the best recoveries he has seen. We thank God so much for this healthy baby and relatively few complications throughout the whole pregnancy. Now we are loving visiting them on the weekends and seeing all the family again. My dad and Jeff still are in Ecuador and will get to see him in May. But its fun for all the girls to be together with a baby around.

Friday, February 1, 2008

where are we now?

Another update on our lives. . . We are settling in very nicely and we have enjoyed both of our new jobs. Richard has started classes and is going to enjoy all of them. There is a lot of work though, so he will be pretty busy, which will probably almost be as hard on me because I am so used to a different schedule. So we are trying to get adjusted to this new schedule.

A while ago I wrote about our problem with cockroaches in our apartment in CO. Now we have a new situation. We are getting used to our new apartment. But the heat bill has been outrageous. We thought things were ok, but we got our first bill and it was crazy high. So we turned the heat way down to about 60 degrees thinking that should help and we got an electric heater that we can use sometimes. So we get our next bill and we only saved about $70. We were freezing the entire month. Our butter is so hard sitting on the counter, everything we touch or our clothes we put on or anything was so freezing cold. So after being very frustrated about the entire situation, Richard decided to climb up into the attic and see how the insulations situation was. Come to find out, there is not one piece of insulation in our attic. So right away we called our landlord. He had no idea this was the situation and had never been up there. So thankfully he more than willingly bought us enough insulation to put in, and Richard volunteered to put it in. That was so nice of the landlord. So while Richard is just starting classes and working full time had to find time to put the insulation in. But he did, and I think that it has helped our situation. At least I don't feel as cold as before. But it might be in my head. We will know for sure when we get our next heat bill.

I'm so thankful that we got that worked out. Now we are just waiting for Jerelyn (my twin) to have her baby. My mom is coming back to the states in 2 weeks. And I will try to spend as many weekends as I can while my mom is back with them. Jerelyn is only like 3 hours from me. So I can't wait. Our whole family is so excited.

But classes are going very well for Richard. We are still getting used to a new place, but everything just takes time. We are still looking for a church that we can get involved in and serve and have fellowship. WE are both very anxious to finally just decide on one. It has been harder than we thought it was going to be.

So that is the update on us. I will write a nice note as soon as Jerelyn has the baby!
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