Friday, February 6, 2009

Food for Thought

So I need to admit something, I don't think that Northland's mandated devos helped me too much for my normal adult life. I still find it very hard to get consistent purposeful time reading God's word. Sometimes I wonder if I even thirst for it anymore. (and sometimes I think I rely on my husband's spiritual life more than mine, because he is so much better at it than me). But recently I have really been challenged not by anything specific but just that if I am going into this new phase of being a mother and do not ground myself in the Word how can I be a godly mother to this little boy? So I have purposed for 2-3 weeks now to wake up earlier than normal and try to read the Word and concentrate on some prayer. Now mind you, I have not had any wonderful revelations or huge experiences, but I do appreciate the quiet time I have been having so far.
Last night was our Seminary wives fellowship . . . We had a lady speak to us about our daily walk and "devotions". (how appropriate huh) She was a great lady and very grounded in the Word. I had never met her before but liked her instantly. She said probably 2 things that stuck with me so far. She asked what we are called to and then asnwered it by - our highest calling is to be faithful to God and his Word. None of this mumbo jumbo about what is God's calling on my life or anything, just plain and simple he has called me to Him and to his Word. So if I want to follow his calling, I need to spend time with Him.
Also she said something about having a biblical based foundation for what we do. She was specifically meaning in regards to being a wife and a mother. So many (even me so far) have our ideas of how we should be as a wife and mother and that is why we do the things we do. The ideas are from presuppositions, how our mother did it, books we've read. But she mentioned that when we go through the hard times, we need to be grounded in the reason we raise our child that way or take care of our home in a certain way. That if we are not biblically grounded we won't have a good answer to the testings that come. It is my goal now to develop a bibilically based foundation and purpose for why I do every responsibility when it comes to keeping my house, being a wife to my husband and raising my children. I want to do it with purpose, not just because I have a bunch of ideas that i've talked about with friends, and read about in a book, or been taught by my mother.
It was a very encouraging time. A lot of things that I need to concentrate on, and I also realized how much I have slipped in my daily life of not being a Word driven woman.
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