Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2 Year Anniversary

Well Richard and I are celebrating out 2nd anniversary today!!!

Its so much fun being married. Richard was just saying yesterday that he can't believe we have probably spent more than 720 nights together (we didn't add them up exactly). That is one of the great perks to being married is that we can go to bed together and wake up together, that is so comforting. (especially since I always hated sleeping by myself before and always got scared). Richard is an amazing man, so wise and patient with me. I have loved every journey that we have embarked on together so far. We are about to enter a completely new phase of life with children but we both keep saying how nice it is that we are doing it together.
Thank you God for planning to bring us together and to use us and our relationship to glorify your name. Thank you God for protecting him and guiding him. Thank you Lord for seeing fit that we live this life together and Thank You for Richard!!! :-)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pregnancy pics

This is me at 16 weeks!!And this is me at 18 weeks. (this was after the big move, in our new kitchen which is so nice. I am very tired at this point, but making it through. I still have been working full time and organizing the house in 4 days with now hot water, heat, or cooking gas. Thankfully the gas did get turned on at about 8:30 last night. But the house is ready for visitors coming today and we love the new place.)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Big Week

Oh Man, I don't even know where to start with this post. Life has been a little crazy around our house. it started out with us finding an apartment. And all the details fitting in to place, for this wonderful new apartment, with great tenants next to us and a wonderful landlord who so generously has lowered the cost and made things very convenient for us. (I feel like there are so many details about this whole week, I will probably forget some). We were trying to think about when to move and how everything would work out. We were looking at guests coming, and school work and projects, work, and weather, and everything. Well come last monday about a week ago, through some circumstances and thinking, I said to Richard "We have to move this weekend, or we won't have time to move". So we thought about it that night, he called both landlords (old and new) and by tues night we had just decided to go ahead and move. Things kept falling into place, and God made it so obvious the rest of the week that he was guiding us and we were following His direction. Tuesday night was the only night that I didn't have anywhere to go. So Melissa (richard's sister) came over and helped me get started and we got a huge chunk of the apartment done. Slowly in every spare moment I packed up as much stuff as I could. My sister Jerelyn and her family so graciously told us that they would come up to help, and that was so huge. I'm telling you, we are forever indebted to them. They did so much for us this past weekend.
Quite a few people offered to help us move and by Saturday morning they were showing up and I think we did pretty good with getting our stuff in order before they all showed up considering the circumstances. God also worked it out so that our old landlord found someone to move into out old apartment and said he would not hold us to our lease, so that was a huge answer to our prayers and we will get our months rent and security deposit back and are not responsible for the utilities in that apartment. And our new landlord is only charging us $250 for the month of november and then starting the lease in December. God is providing for us in amazing ways. Oh I forgot one thing, throughout all last week, Richard was trying to find time in between his usual busyness to put in a washer/dryer hook up with a friend of ours. So that took up a lot of time.
Oh and Friday we also took the afternoon off and had our first ultrasound. It was amazing and so cool. We found out we are having a BOY!!!!! Richard is very happy, and I am excited now. I'm just so glad that everything is healthy, I am healthy, and the baby is kicking like crazy. :-)
So we got completely out of the apartment on Saturday (by the way, I think Jerelyn cleaned my whole old apartment for me, and I am so thankful for that, even my bathroom and oven).
We had a lot to do in the next couple days because we have guests arriving tomorrow!!!!!
Richard's brother Jason, and his wife Autumn and daugther Aspen are coming to visit!!! I am so excited to see them and cannot wait. It will be such a nice time.
But thankfully with so much help from so many people the house is livable and pretty inviting for guests. Stuff isn't out on the walls or set up really, but furniture is in place and boxes are at least stacked (the ones that are still unpacked, I have gotten to quite a few of them). The wasehr/dryer hook up is finally ready to go.
The only downside to this whole story is that there was a big miscommunication with the landlord and our gas has been shut off. There was nothing we could do about that over the weekend, and when we called yesterday, they couldn't come until today. So we have had no hot water, heat or cooking gas. But today I hope it wil be fixed. The heat situation is great though, no heat and we are still very comfortable in the apartment (very contrary to our other apartment) and we have been borrowing showers from friends for the time being.
Richard has thankfully been able to keep up with his homework on top of putting everything together and fixing things. Not as much as he would like, but at least enough to turn things in and take quizes and tests.
God is good and leading us and providing for us, and loves us. We are so amazed at how through just trusting him he has provided for all our needs. I am very very tired and exhausted from moving, lifting probably more than I should and staying up late, but we are nice and comfortable in a wonderful apartment that is a perfect place to start a family.
I will post pics of apartment and my belly as soon as I find time to find the jump drive and copy the pictures onto it to load up. :-) Thanks all for reading this.
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