Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

This month of December was so enjoyable but went by so fast. Richard finished his semester (and it is a complete miracle that he got everything done) and for almost 2 weeks now we have really enjoyed the days with no worry about getting homework done. Although since school has been out we have been so busy I feel. Work for Richard always gets busier when he is out of school. Right due to the weather and pipes freezing a lot more in houses and the fact that he doesn't say no to working late as often b/c he doesn't have homework. So he has been out late a lot of nights. Good for the budget, but bad for the family. He always amazes me with how well he does at handling everything and still trying to think and take care of his family.

I had a cookie exchange with ladies from my church and may I just say that a cookie exchange is the very best way to do it - you only make one kind of cookies but you bring home a lot of different kinds, but you don't have thousands of cookies.
We also attended Richard's work party which is always a nice time for me. It's about and hour and half away at a very nice retaurant and the boss always lets everyone order whatever they want - so we really enjoy ourselves. This was the first year that we had to get a babysitter and the longest I left Carson with one. he did fine and it was ok - but I do miss him a lot.
We had a birthday party for our nephew Chase near christmas and that was a fun time.
Now that I try to sit down and write out everything we did this month - it's hard to think of anything work writing down - but we are busy every week. :)
This year we had christmas eve dinner here with Richard's sister Melissa and her family. We made homemade pizzas and had a wonderful time together. But I'm sad i didn't take any pictures of that. then that night we drove down to jerelyn's again and spent Christmas with my family. My parents were there with my brother. It was such a wonderful time with the 3 boys together and Christmas time :-) I always love Christmas and feel just as giddy now as I did when i was a kid. This year seemed extra special to me because of Carson. I love the anticipation of it all. It was just great to be away with Richard and our family to be together.

Today I spent the day taking all the Christmas stuff down and now have to wait a whole year until Christmas again. :-)
I just Can't explain the overwhelming love I have for Carson. I love to spend each day with him and watch him all day long. I never thought I would say this but I love to be a stay at home mom. I was always one to love going out and was hardlly ever home -but now I just love days that I can stay home and do things around the house. :-) I guess it's the motherly instinct in me now:-)

Carson will be walking very soon. He is "talking" up a storm. He is doing great with all our traveling and is so pleasant.
Now our next trip - this thrusday we are leaving for IL, for my grandparents 50th anniversary party. it will be a long road trip for only a short amount of time - but my whole family will be together so we are really looking forward to it. After that i don't think we have any more trips in the future at all which is the very first time in our marriage I think. But as I said that to Richard we said we should probably go to CO for next Christmas so we are going to try to plan for that. hahahaha, what can you say - once a travling MK always a traveler. :-)
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