Friday, August 7, 2009

Finally Summer around here.

It is finally summer weather in NEPA. It took until the beginning of August to get sunny and hot. But man do we appreciate it more now. :-)
We are busily doing things around here. It's so crazy how you feel so busy all the time but when you sit down to write about it, you can't think of anything specific. I guess life in general just keeps you busy.

Things around church (teaching SS, or weds night kids program, baking things for SS, taking meals to people, social events to attend) all contribute to some of our busyness.
My parents came by for a few nights last week. I was thankful because it was a free babysitting on wednesdays when I go to work, and I had a very busy day that day. It was fun to have them here. Then they drove to MA to visit my mom's family and on their way back to Altoona PA they stopped in again. Also I love being able to call my mom whenever I want. :-) A nice thing to have when I am used to the only contact being email. We have enjoyed talking a lot lately.
Over this past weekend it was so beautiful out on Saturday. I think it was the first Saturday this summer that it was beautiful weather and we didn't have to do anything or go anywhere and Richard was home from work this summer!!!! Wow! So we really enjoyed it. WE went to a park for a little and threw a football around and walked. Then came home and cooked on the grill. Lots of fun and very enjoyable.
Carson had his 4 month check up and seems to be doing great!!! Growing right on track staying in the 25th percentile. He did scream almost the entire time. It was during his nap time and after they checked him a little he just got so annoyed and flipped out. He didn't even realize they gave him a bunch of shots because he was already screaming so much. Oh well!!!!

My mother tells me he is a lot like me when I was a baby - when he is happy - he is REALLY happy and when he is mad - he is REALLY mad!! No middle ground, just like his mom. ;-) Overall though he is such a smiley baby. He is on a great schedule and sleeping through the night and taking wonderful naps with hardly any crying in his crib. when I go in to check on him he is pleasantly looking at his fingers talking or rolling around waiting for me to get him - when he sees me he always gives me the HUGEST grin. So so nice. :-) He has rolled over a few times from his back to his stomach is starting to figure out the whole wiggling/moving thing.
We gave him cereal this week for the first time. I think, like all babies, he hated the taste and the idea of swallowing something that was put into his mouth with a spoon, but we will keep practicing. :-)

Richard has been working far away but thankfully most nights he is home with us. It is so nice when the designated slow times at work really are slow. Carson and I have enjoyed seeing him in the evenings.
I have also been busy getting things ready for 2 weddings that I'm in. Making sure dresses fit me, working out travel plans, getting wedding presents etc.

Next on the calendar - Trip to CO!!!!!!!!!!!!! next weekend, Rachel Pettit's wedding and events and then a week in good ol' Grand Junction CO. I cannot wait to be out west seeing the mountains and cliffs of grand junction and spending time with Richard's side of the family. I truly am blessed by a great in-law family and miss them a lot while we live out here. So it will be fun to catch up. So I'm thinking and planning for that trip and cannot wait!!! Richard's mom has finished her Chemo treatments and soon will start radiation. As far as we know she is doing great through all of this. Carson Can't wait to meet her!!!!!!!!
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