Saturday, September 22, 2007

Once again I'm writing on my blog. I would like to discuss our new move. We have decided to move to Clark Summit PA and Richard will attend the Baptist Bible Seminary. We are planning to move the middle of November. That is about all that we know for sure. Housing and jobs, and how to get there are all just good ideas right now.

What should we do? Should we pull a trailer with Richard's 1991 Ford Ranger and me drive our car following him with the possibility that not all of our stuff will fit in the trailer and the weight of the trailer not being very good on his old truck? (We are kinda nervous about pulling something too heavy over the mountains and so far with his truck) Or should we rent a Penske truck (the seem to be the cheapest truck rental) and a car dolly? For sure all of our stuff would fit in to a truck because we would have to rent a 16' truck to pull our car. Then I would drive our truck behind Richard.

Once we have the car thing figured out then how should we make the trip? Richard thinks it will take about 30 hours. We would like to drive over the mountains and stop in Denver and say goodbye to his brother and family and his sister. Then we would like to stop in Cincinatti and visit my sister. But we have the drive from Denver to Ohio that would be really long. Where should we stop in between? We think that we want to make it in 4 days. From Ohio we are thinking it will only be about 7-9 hours.

These are all things that we are considering right now. We do just need to sit down and put together a plan looking at mapquest and stuff. We have researched rental trucks and stuff. I'm not looking forward to driving all that way in separate cars but that is what we have to do.

We are very excited about this move. It is very exciting to start all over again together after living here for a while married. It will be so good for us to look for our own church and decide on one together for all the right reasons. I'm looking forward to and anxious about where we will work, live, and who we will be friends with. It is so exciting to do something like this.

But at the same time we are looking into a year internship. Richard says, "We are moving to seminary and filling out an application for a year internship in Ecuador at the same time, Who does that?" Well if you think about it you can pray that we will follow God's leading. I have complete confidence in God and that he is guiding us for all of our decisions in the future. We are just excited!! I just wanted to write another post here letting people know what we are doing these days. Conversations of what is the best thing to do and such have filled our lives these days. :-)

Monday, September 10, 2007


Then after our backpacking trip we went to Ouray and stayed in a Bed and Breakfast called the Christmas house. It was a very quaint little place and very enjoyable. After the long hike the pampered bed and breakfast was so nice. The town of Ouray is a beautiful one. We showed up to town at about 1 and we couldn't check in until 3 so we sat around waiting. All I wanted was a nice warm shower, nice clothes, and a nap but we had to walk around the town and wait. The nice lady did let us in a half hour early though. We went to a nice Mexican Restaurant for my birthday that night and then just went straight to bed. The next day we saw places like the famous Silverton, the Box Canyon Falls, and Cascade Falls. I think Silverton was my favorite. It has the old looking buildings and is very cute. The mountains all around are gorgeous and the to Silverton was amazing. It was very relaxing. On our way home on Monday we stopped at Black Canyon about an hour south of Grand Junction. That place was cool too. We drove down to the bottom and low and behold we saw a bear crossing the road. It was very close to us and we got some good pictures too. That was ver exciting to see one. But I sure am glad that we didn't see one a few days earlier while we were camping. It was just a wonderful weekend that my husband planned for me. Colorado is a beautiful state and I have enjoyed living here very much.


Well, Its been a while since I have written on this thing. I guess they are kind of hard to keep up.

Well I had my 23rd birthday. I have a wonderful husband who always treats me so well. He was going to surprise me with a trip to a beautiful mountain town called Ouray here in Colorado. But just like my mother, I found out about it. He was devastated that he couldn't surprise me, but I love the planning of it so it was still fun for me.

So we took friday before Labor Day off of work. Thursday after work we packed everything up and traveled to the mountains about 2 and half hours. We got to a camp ground at dusk and so we just payed the woppin' $20 (YIKES!!!) and spent the night at a fancy campground. We woke up the next morning and packed up our backpacks and headed for the Lizardhead trail. We got there and started on our journey. We get to a fork in the road either go right to the Meadow (where we eventually wanted to spend the night) or go left to lizard head peak. Of course we decided to go up the trail, not knowing how hard it would actually be. We climbed on switch backs for a long time and finally got to the top. The view was gorgeous. But I did not want to stay up there because there was no water and storms were coming in. So we saw the meadow down below and knew we had to get down but it was very steep hike straight down the mountain off trail in dense forest. That part was pretty nerve wracking and I was very exhausted. There was a time when I thought that we would never get out and thoughts of getting lost for days and people having to come look for us were going through my mind. But the sight of coming out of the forest and seeing the meadow was the most wonderful sight of the day. It was so beautiful with all the peaks around us, and a sense of accomplishment came over me like I did it. So we set up our tent and got water and things like that. But the storms came through and we were stuck in the tent for about 2 hours. That was boring and that is when exhaustion and fear set in cause all I had to do was think about things. But once the rain let up we were able to go oustide and make a fire and things got better. That night I was sore and very tired, but didn't sleep too much. It was very cold but thanks to my mom and dad I had a wonderful sleeping bag that kept me quite warm. I could hear the coyotes howling all night too, but they sounded far away so that was ok.

The next moring was so pretty. The peaks and the dew rising from the meadow were all so neat to watch. We ate breakfast and then packed up our stuff and headed out. Thankfully, we went out the other way where we should've gone the day before and the trail was much shorter. I was sore but very anxious to get out so we booked it out of there. The sight of the car was so wonderful. I knew I had made it backpacking and I was alive and the trip was over. :-)
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