Thursday, October 25, 2007

Apartment Searching

So, What is your opinion? We are trying to decide on Apartments in Clarks Summit. It is very hard to decide on a place when we can't really see any of them. Richard has sister that has been such a big help to us with looking at places and sending us pictures of them and telling us about them. So we are down to two choices now. One on clearview street - Has 2 bedrooms and decent bathroom and a nice kitchen with lots of cupboard space and counter space. The living room and bedrooms are hardwood floors. There is some sort of back yard that we might share with the downstairs neighbors. There is pretty good closet space and supposedly some more storage somewhere else.
Then there is the Peckville one - again 2 bedrooms but the bathroom is really small and not too appealing. The neighborhood is very nice with a nice porch that we could use and a 2 car garage. There isn't too much closet space but there is a big attic that is perfect for storage. The kitchen is not as nice and there are no appliances (the Gardners said they have a stove and fridge we could take with us and we have the room, so its not too much of a problem) but the counter and cupboard space is limited.

Both are the same price $500 + utilities (gas heat) and both are the upstairs apartment of a house or something so there are people underneath us.

So now we have to decide which one we want more. We will probably be happy with either once we just make the decision. But let me know what your opinion is. What would you prefer in an apartment?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Terrible Struggles

I'm trying so hard to figure out how to add a list of my friends on the side of my blog posts and I just can't figure it out. In my template section it shows that I have added friends but then when I want to view my blog nothing is added. Please help me if you know how. Is it something I'm not following right? UGH!!
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