Monday, September 19, 2011

God Provides

Packing went relatively smoothly, drive across the county also went pretty smoothly. Unpacking and getting organized went super fast!!!!!!!!!!!! Integration in church has been so encouraging and so much fun! The only thing left was to have an income. It's something we wanted to happen fast - but knew it could potentially be a long long time. But we were hopeful. And now.  . . . 

I am so happy to announce that Richard has started his first day at a new employment. We could not be happier about this. He will be working for the company above, and if you click on it - feel free to visit website, and if you life in Fort Collins - Give them some business. :)hahahaha

When we first got into the area Richard went hard core looking for jobs. he searched the internet ALL DAY  long. He sent his resume/recommendation letter to any job listed on the internet for Fort Collins that he even remotely felt qualified for or thought he would enjoy. After the first day or two of doing that, he started getting call backs and even got a few interviews lined up. We were so optimistic about him getting employed really fast. After not hearing back from the interviews or people telling him they would give him a call back and then never actually calling him back - we decided to go another route. (mostly b/c he needed to be making some money really soon)

You see - he is very qualified in restration/construction/water/fire damage "stuff". He has done that for 5 yrs now (our whole married life) and has a great resume for that line of work. We were hoping to maybe get out of that "line of work" b/c it tends to not provide benefits for families, in not a set schedule due to the emergency response factor, and can be hard on him physically. But we also realized - Richard would never be "happy" working in an office taking/making phone calls to people about their credit card or whatever. Or working as a furniture salesman. So those type of jobs weren't too much of an option. He also could start at a slightly higher rate due to the experience and work ethic he has, with a recommendation letter to prove it.

So the next stop was contacting any restoration company in Fort Collins area and just out of the blue sending them his resume/recommendation letter explaining he was looking for work. This my friends proved very encouraging. he started getting calls/emails immediately. He had about 3 or 4 interviews with different companies. Then last Friday out of the blue he received a call from Action. This man just had one job he was wondering if Richard was interested in helping him do, and not a full time position. But after talking - really watned to hire Richard. So to make this long story somewhat short - I will say, Friday night the man offered him a job - with decent pay, but with compensation for working after hours on emergencies and also a percentage of the restoration jobs that Richard does. Richard will be "in charge" of/and for right now, sole worker in this part of the company. Therefore - if company thrives and gets more jobs - Richard has the potential of being a "high up" person in the company. It will give him purpose and gratification in his job - knowing he's working for a purpose and not just doing what some random person tells him to do. I know that he will THRIVE at this job!!! He will help this man's company so much -  and from what I understand - this man and Richard will be perfect for each other.

So - we are thrilled. We are thankful. We are very excited about this new journey. Only time will tell how things actually play out - but we are excited about it. i get teary every time I think about God's mercies to us in how smoothly he has allowed this transition to be. Although it's not always been emotionally easy for me - we can totally see God's hand leading/guiding us. And I hope you can too!
Now today embarks our "life" here in Fort Collins. 
Today - I am home by myself in our apartment without Richard helping with the boys. 
Today - I packed Richard's lunch in our new kitchen for the first time. 
Today I will have supper ready for our family when he comes home from work! 
Today my friends - is a good day!


Michelle said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!! Rejoicing with you, Jess!!! MUCH love xoxox

Katie Barker said...

So excited for you! I know how important it is for our husbands to be satisfied and feel fulfilled in their jobs. Praise the Provider!

cupKait said...

that is so exciting jess- congrats!!

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