Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The past month

So where do I start? Carson is now officially 3 months old!!!! He is now rolling over from his stomach to his back. He is getting a flat head from laying on his back, so his awake time consists of bumbo to stomach, to holding, to bumbo and so on and so forth. ;-) I don't know if it's helping but his muscles are strong now and hopefully his head won't continue to get too flat. He is starting to squirm too in his crib and will be in a new position when I go into check on him. :-) He is entering the really fun stage, where he interacts with us a little, is developing his personality, and is a joy to watch. (And unfortunately not the laid back easy going personalitiy of his cousin Daniel, he already is showing he is a lot like his mother :-))
He really is such a joy to our little family. when he smiles his face just lights up so huge, and he does smile and laugh a lot. :-) It is the best in the world to see. He does have his moments of screaming and not going to sleep or waking up when it's not time but he is learning. Mom and dad (richard and I) seem to always do something that throws his schedule off. We thought that we wouldn't do anything once he came into the world, but we still continue to live our lives almost like we did before, visiting friends, leaving the house spur of the moment to do something fun, etc, so he is learning to be very flexible. But for the most part Richard and I try to be as consistent as possible.
I have started work now :-( I can work 16 hours from home and that is working out great. Then I just started doing 4 hrs on weds in the office at work. I found a babysitter and really God worked everything out that I was looking for in a babysitter. I had my first day back at the office last week and everything seemed to go well. I hope it continues to go like that.

This summer is just flying by so fast. We just got done a very busy week of a 5 day VBS at our church every evening. Richard and I did the 3rd and 4th graders together and had a blast. It was really the first "ministry" thing that we have done together and we found that we work together so well. We had a blast doing it and in my opinion made a great pair. :-) God answered so many prayers of our church for the VBS and it was a fun week, unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that week.

Richard is working a ton which is normal for the summer. Doing lots of over time to hopefully save up for our trips and for school.

This weekend for the 4th we are going to VA beach to visit our best friends from College!!! I can't tell you how excited I get every time I think about it. It will be a fast and long trip, but we are expecting to just enjoy ourselves the entire time we are there! I cannot wait!! I just hope Carson will enjoy it as much as us, and it will be a whole new adventure to do a big trip like this with him. Should be fun. :-)

Then in August we are taking a long trip to CO. I am in Rachel Pettit's wedding (for those of you that know her) and then we are going to capitalize on being in the great CO and visit all of Richard's family out there. Oh, do I miss living there and we both are looking forward to seeing those awesome mountains again, breathing the dry fresh air, and enjoying the culture of the west again. Richard's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of the summer and has already gone through 2 Chemo-treatments. She is doing well through it all, but because of that has not seen Carson yet, so we are excited for him to meet them, and for them to enjoy his smiles in person. :-)

Beginning of September I am going to Helaine Rozelle's wedding (for those of you who know her too) probably by myself with Carson. I can't wait to see her again, but am nervous about going with Carson. He will be a traveling pro by the end of the summer. :-)

Jerelyn is having her baby in the middle of July and I will make a trip down to see her also. My parents will be in the states for that too, and my dad will meet Carson too for the first time.

I am trying to start running again - in hopes to loose this weight that nursing apparently doesn't help with. I was running a lot last summer before I got pregnant, and hope to get back into that, and possibly run in my first race this fall. We will see. (its one of my lifetime goals)
We have a wonderful summer ahead of us and love spending the time with Carson and I should have a lot to post and tell you about in the future. ;-) Have a great summer everyone.
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