Sunday, September 25, 2011

This one's for the Grandmas

One difference I've noticed about Landon is that he loves to sit and try to figure things out! he plays with this toy for a long time, and gets so happy when he figures out how to put the rings on.  He already tries to put his shoes on. (Carson is no where near trying to dress himself or put his shoes on himself) Landon is just very thoughtful and patient. i loved watching him play with this toy. 



He also has officially has started walking. Although I'm always amazed at how slow the process is to go from crawling all the time to walking all the time. but last night we caught his first steps on video. it's so fun to see them in this stage. and to watch them grow and learn.

Although my days are far from a "bed of roses" with these two boys; they are full of "spunk" and keep me always hoppin'; and I am often battling frustration and lack of patience with my "ever-talking" 2 and half year old - There is just something in my heart that gives me fulfillment and satisfaction in being the mother to these 2 boys, in the responsibility of raising them and providing for their needs. There is such complete love and joy when I see them learn and grow.

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Trina Mayfield said...

THANKS SO MUCH for putting up these videos! I LOVED seeing Landon in his first steps! And as you know, I LOVE hearing about your joys as well as your frustrations in being a mother. The pictures of Landon are just so cute! I sure hope you guys can come here cuz I would LOVE to see the boys!!!!!

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