Friday, July 17, 2009

The last 2 weekends

Man - we have been traveling a ton lately. But I love it. I love to travel and see people. (But at the same time I hate missing out on things here. :-))

For July 4th we went to Virginia beach and visited a ton of our friends from college. Words cannot describe my excitement to see them again. There is just something so unique about the relationships that we developed in college that we have decided we will probably never have again. We left Thursday after work and drove what we thought would be about a 7- 7 1/2 hr trip, but it turned into like 9 and half or something like that. There was a lot of traffic. Carson was going through this phase of not really liking his carseat either especially when we are stopped so the trip down there wasn't too enjoyable. But we made it and looking back it didn't seem to be that bad. :-) We stayed with Wes and Katie Kouba, Dear dear friends of ours, for 2 nights. They were great hosts. I'm telling you, they thought of everything and made our time so relaxing there. We went to the beach on friday and had a great time. Richard and I aren't the biggest beach people (you can tell that by our ghostly white bodies. :-)), but we like to go for a little while. Carson did really good too, even fell asleep on the towel in the shade for a little bit. He didn't really like the water but maybe by next summer he will be more fond of it. (I laugh so hard every time I look at this picture, I have it on my desktop and it makes chuckle whenever I turn on the computer) Richard got to fit in a round of golf with his buddy Wes, (and by the way played one of his bests rounds in a very long time. :)) and we just relaxed with great company. Jenny and Johnny Borchardt came over with their little baby for a little bit, (she is a dear friend of mine from college) and it was great to catch up with her.

Saturday we didn't do too much just went and saw some things, went shopping in a humungous mall (at least for me) and ate lunch at a great place, but I forget the name. It was cute and very good though.

Saturday night we met up with Kristen and Chris Lownes. Kristen is my best friend from college. Chris too was a great friend of mine. There is this common bond that we have with these friends from college that cannot be replaced or replicated. Kristen and I can just talk forever and I feel so relaxed with her and so at home. We went to church with them and then Wes and Katie fed us lunch again. (They fed us so much food). we left Sunday after noon for the long trip home, but with very happy hearts and uplifted spirits.

Not only was it fun to see them and spend time with all of them, it was spiritually encouraging, and gave us a renewed joy with where we are right now, and a renewed desire to stick with Seminary.
This post is getting long and I still have another weekend to go . . .

This past weekend we went to see my Sister Jerelyn. She had her 2nd baby on July 9th by c-section and Aaron Michael was born around 6 pm I think. He is adorable. Both my parents came back for this baby. So we drove down after work in friday and Carson met him maternal grandfather for the first time. :-) It was so fun to spend that weekend with my family. And to meet the little baby.

Now my parents have 3 boys as grandchildren. They are loving it.

Carson just keeps doing better and better as he lives longer. He was never too bad before, but he did have his moments. this week has been great. He falls alseep on his own very easily and doesn't wake up now from his naps and will sleep like 2-2 1/2 hours in the morning and afternoon with a smaller one in the evening. Which really works well for my very strict work schedule. he has been sleeping 9-10 hrs at night too!! It was like something just all of the sudden clicked with him and he doesn't fight what I want him to do anymore. He was pretty happy before but he is much happier now. ;-)
We are just getting ready now for our big trip to CO. can't wait for that one either. :-)
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