Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lots going on

So I have a lot going on in my life, but nothing really that exciting to write about. Although I figure I do need to update since who knows when this baby will be here, and when I will be tired and busy with my baby boy. :-) So yes, I am 37 weeks pregnant, and would be fine with the baby coming any day now. (I think all pregnant people say that). Although I sort of am hoping and praying that he will come on March 28th. (My last day of work is the 27th and my mom flies in that night, so it would be perfect)

I haven't really slowed down on anything or stopped doing anything yet, and that is getting pretty hard for me to keep up. I still go to work every day, and still help with the weds night program at church, still doing lots of things throughout the whole week after work, and staying on top of my seminary wives fellowship duties. Between all of that I feel very busy every night after work and on the weekends. But I guess it helps the time go by faster. I also have been preoccupied with getting the nursery ready. I would not say it's "nesting" because it's my nature to make sure my house is clean, things are getting accomplished, and that things are ready and planned for anyways, so I just am staying on top of everything that I need to plan for. In no way do I feel like I'm "nesting".

I did have a shower given to me by my fellow friends here at our wonderful new church. They did an amazing job, and I had so much fun. My twin, Jerelyn, was able to come up (she is 20 weeks pregnant) and we had a wonderful time. it was a fast trip for her and her little boy, but I loved spending every minute with her. It was special for me to have her here for my shower too. They also did a great job of involving my mother, and she had written a beautiful letter to read to me and frame for the baby's room, and my mom also gave me the bedding that I really wanted for our crib. (My mom is so amazing at always making things special for us, even though she lives overseas.) Thank you friend for knowing how much it means to my mother and I to have that special time too.

Richard and I have been so overwhelmed by God's goodness to us. Whether its been through showers, gifts, money, jobs etc. God lets us have things that are so nice even though we realize that we don't need all of these things. He still give us these nice commodities. We both need to remember this time when we are going through hard times financially (which will probably be here after this baby is born, and other ones come on the way). People throughout this whole pregnancy have been so generous to us. A couple times I have been down to the old office I used to work in, and they always take me out to eat, and give me money for the baby, and other people from the office have given us gift cards. The showers that I have had have given us so many of the things that we "wanted". We can truly say that we have everything we need, and everything that will just be nice to have. Through gift cards we were able to also get a really nice travel system (car seat/stroller combo).

I could go on and on about all the things that people have given us, or how things have worked out financially for us through our jobs and taxes etc. But I really just want to get across the fact that we are truly truly grateful for how God provides through circumstances and people, and how he takes care of his children. We hope that the rest of our lives, Richard and I can also be as generous and giving as people have been to us. We are so humbled by everything.
Another thing - My job has approved me to work from home after the baby is born. I will have about 8 weeks off, and then I will work about 16 hrs a week from home, and after maternity leave status is through (4 months) I will go to about 20 hrs a week. And most of those hours will be from home!!! and if I do have to come into the office, my manager is gracious enough to let me bring the baby with me. :-) God truly has worked through this whole job, and we are so grateful.

So now all that is left is to pack my hospital bag and for the contractions to start. I am definitely ready. As impatient of a person that I naturally am, you can all imagine how I'm getting. :-) I'm always ready for the next phase a while before it actually comes. "Enough thinking and planning for all of this, I'm ready to just do it" !!! That's what I say. :-)
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