Saturday, September 3, 2011

1st Birthday party

When we decided to move the middle of August, one of the things that made me sad was that Landon was turning 1 year old soon and I could not do a party for him with our friends and cousins. Once we got here I realized i could invite family that could never attend one of our bday parties when we lived in PA. And we are so happy that we could celebrate together. So I planned a little get together with Richard's parents, grandparents and 2 of his siblings with their families. (although we really missed not having the cousins from PA to celebrate with us, and they will never be replaced).

He was not born until Sept 8th, but we did his party ahead of time so we could enjoy the family on the holiday weekend when it was a little more convenient for them to travel here. We had the get together in Denver at my brother in law's house. It was a lot of fun to be with family!  It's funny the thought of doing a party for a baby who has "NO CLUE". So we excused it with celebrating "Nana's" bday (who happened to be born on the 8th also) and my birthday. We all got presents. :)
this is my birthday boy sitting on the "throne"

He's pretty close to walking

Carson with his great Grandpa

These 2 are about 4 months apart - they look so much alike!
 For food we had Taco salad with a lot of fixins', fruit, cupcakes
Just having moved to CO - we had to
a broncos theme

 The kids played a lot in the backyard and had a great time together

Happy Birthday boy swinging


The "Cake Ceremony"

Singing "Happy Birthday"



He made a mess


The Loot

A nice winter Coat

This is him Saying "Thank You" to everyone in his own way

The train Track my mom bought him, that Carson has played with
the entire day! And gets mad when Landon touches it. ha

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Trina Mayfield said...

I LOVED reading about it and seeing the pics! And, I'm so glad I thought of that train track set. I hope Carson shares it with Landon soon!:-) The color on the cupcakes came out SO GOOD! I'm impressed. Was Richard satisfied with the color(s)? It looked like a great day and I'm so glad it went so well. Good job! We were sad to miss it though!

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