Friday, December 14, 2007


Once again we are so amazed at how God provides for us and is taking care of us. Its mind boggling to think about the fact that we don't deserve and he gives so much.
Well this is how I feel because God once again has worked out all the details for us. And time after time I still get impatient and worried.
We have been here exactly a month and everything is changed over and fully become residents in PA. We both have full time jobs, his seminary schedule is set up. We have all of our Christmas presents and are able to celebrate wonderfully at our new apartment with decorations, a tree, and the holiday baking. And we still have money left in the bank. The only thing that we can do and should do is give God the praise for being so gracious with us.

The details about my job I think are amazing mostly becuase of how impatient and worried I get about things. Of course I had been looking everywhere for jobs. I was trying to get a job that I would use my Spanish. So Richard found this legal office that was looking for a bilingual intake secretary. So of course I jumped at it and contacted them and sent them my resume. Meanwhile I kept calling people to check up on status of applications and trying different things. Then on thursday they called and asked if I could go in the next day for an interview. I was very happy. So Friday I went to the interview. I thought it went well, but the only thing I thought was bad was that they didn't believe that I knew how to read and write spanish. But I tried to convince them that I did. So it was over and they said they would get back with me later. So now back to just waiting. I didn't do too much other looking because I really wanted this job. Meanwhile Richard got a job and started working right away. So I just wait at home all day. Come Weds of the next week and I was really getting anxious. I was waiting for a rejection letter to come in the mail, and I even sent out my resume to 3 other people that afternoon. Then later that day the lady called me back and offered me the position. But it gets better. I was worried about my schedule being worked out with the holidays and the wedding we have to travel to. But turns out I will just train a few days this next week and then start right away full time when I get back from my trip. Its so perfect. Now I can enjoy all the holiday bustle without being busy with work, but I have the assurance and security of a job.
The job is pretty good paying, full benefits, and paid vacations and holidays. Its so amazing.

I just love to look back at how God has taken care of us so much.
I hope that you guys can testify to that too. It makes you realize how much you don't need to worry. Matthew 6.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Here We Are!!

Well we have officially become residents of PA and no longer CO. This is kinda sad since we loved being from the great CO and we loved living there. So the story of our move.

We left Grand Junction on a Tues afternoon and Richard drove the big moving truck pulling my car behind, and then I was driving his ford Ranger behind him. We just went to Denver that day, but that is the hardest part of the trip at least on the cars and gas tank. We made it over the mountains fine. Which was a huge answer to prayer. The next 3 days were filled with the days taking a lot longer that we had originally thought. We were very tired every night. It wasn't too much fun driving separately either. But every night we stayed at friend's or families' houses which was very nice. We finally arrived to our new apartment on Saturday night. Richard's sister Melissa met us here and opened the apartment for us. I was right. I did have my hopes up too much. The place seemed a little less than desired. It smelled a lot like smoke and we have found that the people below us smoke a lot. This smell will never go away that means. I was so sad about that. It was one of the things that I was looking forward to so much. But I guess I'm doomed to smell like smoke my whole life. I do burn candles and have lots of air freshner things, and they help. But every time we walk in the house we get a big wiff if smoke smell. Oh well, its not the end of the world.

Our heaters are old radiator heaters. Initially you say what's the big deal, right? Well I knew that radiators make noise but these make more noise than anything else in the house. They whistle and squeal really bad. Like we have to turn up the tv when they come on to hear over it. :-) But after a few nights of waking up every time they went on we got used to it and they don't seem to bother us any more. Once I had put all my stuff away and up in the house it started growing on me. The kitchen is very big which I love. Every place has things about it that you just have to get used to. And now that we are used to things its ok. :-)

The last few weeks have been filled with running around sitting in offices getting our things switched to PA residency. (this process turns out to be very involved and very costly). But its all done and finished. We were nervous about Richard's truck passing inspection but Praise God yesterday we took it to get inspected and it passed. We were so glad that God answered that prayer. Now we are just looking for jobs. This is a very long and involved process too. Its just hard to know how long to wait on something. Maybe the perfect one will come up. Or maybe we should not be picky and go ahead and just work in retail or Panera. So we are praying for wisdom with that. This is our latest update. It will be nice to get settled and on a schedule and stuff like that. So keep us in prayer if you think of it.
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