Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day in the life of a One year old

Ok - I promise - last post reminiscing about a year ago. :) i just cannot believe that we made it through one year. I can't believe it went so fast, i can't believe how healthy Landon is, and I can't believe God gave him to us. I'm so thankful God chose to put him in this family and he adds such a fun dynamic. He cuddles with me all the time! I love it so much. he wraps his arms around me and lays his head down on my shoulder. I just can't get enough of it!!! i also caught him standing on his own today - so it won't be long before we have 2 boys running all around here. Happy birthday Landon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what does a 1 year old baby do on his birthday? you might ask - well I'm here to tell you. Get ready for some excitement. :) Just kidding - we didn't do anything b/c we celebrated last weekend, and you can read about that here.

He looks so tired in the picture b/c he was sleeping so hard!

Just waking up on his birthday! cuddling with daddy on the couch!
I celebrated my birthday by sleeping until almost 8 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this my friends is a very rare phenomenon) I had been up super late the night before and then was awake at 5 am for some reason, but went right back to sleep and slept for a long time.  (and yes in case you're wondering he slept in this polo. We got in late the night before and we just put him straight in bed, call us lazy - but it works for us)

Breakfast was banana and kix
 followed by some play time with daddy!

followed by some play time outside with Mommy on the local Tennis courts. Tearing up my knees chasing the ball around. :)
Cool crack on the tennis courts ;)

Followed by a short nap
Then lunch - grapes, yogurt, pbj, graham crackers and cheese, and milk. (this kid eats a lot)
Followed by a VERY LONG NAP - that mom and dad were so thankful for.

After naps we took a ride to the park! I'm so cute in the car and always smile when my parents look back at me.
 I could swing all day long - what a great way to spend a birthday!
 Mommy really loves me and loves spending time with me!
After the park - I ate supper - Waffles, peaches and Carrots and milk.
Then we went to a small group and met some wonderful people who all loved seeing me smile and spend my birthday evening with me. I went to bed late - but that's ok. It's my birthday. :)
Now I have to wait a whole year before I can celebrate again - I hope it goes as fast as this year did - but mommy wants it to slow down. :)


Trina Mayfield said...

Sounds like a fun day, for Landon anyway! He is changing so much - at least in the pictures! He looks a lot more like Carson now - except with the red hair. Grammie Spence would have LOVED that red hair!!! It seems like we haven't seen him in a long time - even tho it was just in May. Anyway, I'm glad Landon had a happy 1st birthday!!!!

Kelly Hughes said...

a fun birthday! glad you are adjusting well, sorry about the DD. =)

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