Thursday, June 7, 2007


Well we have a wonderful little apartment. It is very cheap rent and we get what we pay for. So it's very small but I like it and it works for us. With the wonderful nicer weather we started to have a problem with cockroaches. At first we started seeing them outside all the time when we would walk in the parking lot. Then little by little we started seeing one or two inside a few times a week. Now its getting worse. One morning I woke up early for work walked over to make my coffee that is very much needed. The next thing I know there is something scurrying around in the sink right next to the coffee maker. YIKES!! That'll wake you up. Another day Richard was enjoying one of his favorite chips for lunch thinking that this time they tasted especially good only to find that there was a dead cockroach in the bag. :-) Oh well I guess we will have to start doing something about that.
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