Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding in Colorado Springs

This weekend was packed full of family time, friend time, and picnics, sunny weather, and weddings.  i dont' think we could not have asked for a better combination of things to go on this weekend. But it's late tonight and I'm feeling very uninspired so this will probably be short. It always seems I think of the best things to write during the day when the kids are up or there's stuff to do and then at night when I have a chance I just want to lay down and veg! (is anyone else out there like this??!?!)
Saturday started off with a nice 5 + mile run, then plenty of family time at a park (which I'm sure I'll post pictures of that some day soon) then a drive down to Denver

We stayed overnight with Richard's brother and his family. We always love going down there and the kids play great together.
Sunday we had a wedding to go to in Colorado springs. We left our boys in Denver with their Aunt and Uncle and cousins to go to their church and Richard and I took a drive down for the wedding. You could not have asked for a more perfect venue, weather, or friends to enjoy a nice Sunday wedding with. It was such a relaxing and fun atmosphere, beautiful and so fun. We just really enjoyed ourselves.

Now I will admit, most of this is probably
due to the fact that we didn't have 2 little boys
to chase around all day in a weird situation
that was hard and tiresome.
 We actually had real long conversations with our friends
and enjoyed each other's company so much.

Richard and I made a day of it. And after the wedding we took a drive through Garden of the gods. it was absolutely amazing and these pictures do not do it justice at all! It was amazing and I hear there is a 10mile race there every year that I will definitely put on my bucket list of races to do in Colorado. 
It was a wonderful day - and we enjoyed ourselves so much. We were relaxed, enjoying being on a whole day date together and it was refreshing.
I don't usually post pictures of scenery much but it was amazing. Although now I remember why i don't do it that much - it never does it justice! But still - I was in heaven all day that day, with the sunshine, friends, wonderful husband . . . 

Some of our new friends! A dear dear couple - part of our "lifegroup"
We have really grown to love them
They are new christians and their desire to
search out God's word and learn
is infectious!
We love them to death!

I was more than ready to see my boys (who apparently could've cared less if i was there or not, but either way) I loved their hugs and kisses and was refreshed to face a week with them again.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Because my life is this exciting . . .

So in light of Yesterday's post - I thought I would show you all how exciting my life really is. You know, I strive to keep a clean house, and it takes work. But I also have 2 boys in a tiny apartment. I know it's good for them to have fun and play and make a mess. But then - it turns into this . . .

It all started when we left our stroller in Illinois and my parents had to mail it to us - which by the way, would've probably  been cheaper to buy a new one! UGH!

We got it in this box - and Richard went to open it one day before work, realized it was full of packing peanuts and said he didn't have time, so he'll have to take it out later, making sure I didn't need it that day. 
Carson of course saw them and thought they were so cool. So shortly after Daddy left for work, he starts getting a few of them out. He is such a sweet guy, and makes sure to ask me if this is ok. I figure - what's the harm, let them have fun. so I let him work at trying to get a few out here and there. And he is loving it!
 Then he figures out how to take the tape off, and I start to realize the little bit of a mess I allowed to happen. But never in my WILDEST dreams did I imagine what came next!
Look at how excited he was! How can you say no to that smile?!?!

 Slowly more and more packing peanuts starting coming out. I thought, surely, there isn't that many more. all the while Carson is laughing so much and getting a kick out of it!
 Eventually - his room was covered 2 inches deep in packing peanuts. A sea of Packing Peanuts. OH. MY. GOODNESS.!!!!! Why in the world did they put so many in those boxes?
 he was literally in Heaven!!!!! This is him jumping off his bed onto a pile of them. He was swimming, rolling, jumping for a while in his bedroom.
 He was just so excited.
Needless to say - I spent over a half hour picking them all up by hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a mess! I told Carson that he had to help me clean it up before he made the mess. So the entire time I'm reminding this precious 3 year old that he said he would help me, and keeping his mind on track. A few times he was getting impatient and kept saying "this is taking a long time". (and i will even admit that all my cool mommy awards were taken away with the frustration of cleaning them all up!)
Yeah! I know Carson. I hope you had fun playing in them. Because this is not fun for either of us now!
We filled 2 huge boxes of packing peanuts! And putting him to bed that night we were still finding them! What a mess!

See don't you all want to be a stay at home mom - cleaning up these messes??!!???!!!????
Note to self - think of other ways for the boys to have fun!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's life about??!!!?

Lately I've been in social situations where I feel very inferior and "stupid" for lack of a better word. You see, never before in my life as a mom, have I been around so many different women/moms who either have never had kids, work while mothering, or have grown kids and now work, travel, volunteer. And lately most of my acquaintances fall within those characteristics. I love having diversity. But I wonder if they think my life is boring, or that I don't really have a personality or i  really am just probably making things up in my head about what they think of me. It's gotten me to really think, and really evaluate things. I've always LOVED being a mother and thrive on staying home with them. Since I quit working I've never had one inkling of a desire to go back. Sure days are long and hard, and I'm frustrated way more than I need to/should be. But I have no desire to be out of the house working for someone else. I know that God has called me to this lifestyle b/c he has given me the grace to do it, and the joy that can only come from him. This is something that Richard and I are convinced about - "that i, the mother, should stay with them and teach my young children, and guide them". It's what we feel is right for our family. (I know there are a million other situations and families so no judgement to anyone, juts strictly talking about for my family alone)

But more than ever within the last week I've felt like I have nothing to add to conversations, I've not had that many experiences or traveled to amazing places, or run a thousand races setting records, or gotten some sort of  fancy job that is good. A year ago, I would never have dreamed that these insecurities would be here, and now they are. I don't know what to do with them. It's weird! I in no way am saying that I want to change my life, or that I'm not happy, but I feel a little insecure lately when I say I just stay at home with my boys, or that we don't really do much besides parks, and daily normal activities. No gym membership or classes to go to, no toddler whatever class, no amazing trips. Just simple living in a tiny apartment with absolutely no amenities. I feel insecure and it's weird! I don't know what to do or say to people b/c I feel like I have nothing interesting to say about my days.

In talking with Richard about this new feeling that confused me he spoke words of wisdom! First of all - it's a lie that I haven't experienced much - I grew up overseas, I traveled on a soccer team, I have moved a bazillion times, I speak two languages and because of that have had great jobs and interesting jobs, I've just moved across the country with my family and thrived!  And besides that - I have a higher calling - I'm content in my life serving my God. Sure, Richard's job is not anything to write home about and really doesn't pay much so we live SUPER simply! But we are growing in seeing how God provides for us! we are happy, we are serving a church and God ultimately. We are striving daily to show others God's love and that completely satisfies us. We are raising children to hopefully one day understand about this God who loved them enough to send his only son to pay for their sins. I get the privilege of showing them that love through my love daily in the mundane! Our lives look boring to some - but we are satisfied and content! WE may not take these huge vacations or even do cool things - but we are a happy family desiring with all our heart to Love God and Love Others in everything we do!
And in this my friends - I find comfort
No matter what other's think of my life
no matter what insecurities I feel
I'm happy serving this Awesome God who 
called me to this job - motherhood.
I am blessed beyond measure! I have a great husband who 
provides and serves and loves his family, and follows God.

I pray that I will hold onto these truths and speak it to myself
when those insecure or feelings of non-importance try to creep in.

And then to top it all off - I get to see these smiling faces all day long!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Family Photos

We made sure we got lots of family pictures!
here are a few of them!
It was so fun to be together again!

The Original family!

Twins on Mother's Day


Friday, May 18, 2012

10 Random Fact Friday

1. Landon has a huge scrape on the side of his face from falling down some cement stairs. and yesterday got a HUMONGOUS goose egg right beside that on his forehead from falling straight into the corner of the door jam! ayayay - this kid makes me so nervous!
Please, please excuse the gross disgusting drool that is there!
My dad would be appalled I posted this picture.
His drool is MUCH better due to speech therapy
But not when he wacked his head and was crying, so sorry

2. I'm still just relishing in the wonderfulness of what our weekend was! It was so awesome to spend so much time with my family!

3. I thought our lives would slow down after that trip - but they are not! Still busy busy busy

4. Tonight - Richard's boss is taking us out to eat! and I could not be more ecstatic!!!!!!!!!! We have a babysitter and we don't have to pay for the meal! I cannot wait!!!!!!!!

5. The only that I "HAVE" to do today is vaccuum - I hope I get that done. It seems that the less I have to do, the less actually gets accomplished. I need a huge list of things so that I stay on task!

6. The weather while we were in the midwest could not have been more perfect! Sunny, warm, but not too humid! We spent so much time outside! The boys loved it - and momma loved it even more.

7. all Carson wanted to do today was go to the tennis courts with his wagon - so That's what we did!

8. The air quality in Fort Collins right now is terrible and it's all people are talking about. There is a really bad fire burning, and the smoke is awful in town. Thankfully it hasn't seemed to affect our family much - but I know a lot of other's with Asthma or other related health problems are struggling. Let's pray that it dies down soon

9. Did I mention I'm really psyched for tonight??!!?? oh yea I did - but just making sure you all knew :)

10. Carson wouldn't eat his yogurt today b/c it was "bumpy". It was a different brand and the consistency slightly different. He seems to be so picky about different/new textures and something that is not "normal". It's weird. But I know can be normal for some kids. I tried my hardest to not have a picky kid - but alas, He is picky! If nothing else, I've learned to not judge other mother's b/c they seemingly aren't doing it right, I believe every decent mother is trying to do it right. Sometimes you just can't control everything - and we have to be ok with that!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cousin time

One thing that I was so thankful for this weekend was time my boys could play with their cousins. I know that these times will be few and far between and I want my boys to know their family and enjoy time with their cousins. Watching them interact and play (and fight :)), was so fun. Carson's excitement to get to play with Daniel and Aaron every day, his excitement to find out they were going to our next destination with us so he can play there! All of it was just so wonderful for this momma to enjoy!

Here are some good pictures of them just enjoying each other!

Cute baby Dominic

Mother day Photo Shoot

Fun at the Farm

Smelly cows!

 Chasing Cats on the farm!

Riding the Tractor with Grampie

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

little Brother Graduates! Wow!

We just got back from our trip to the midwest last night. Man! What a trip it was! Lots of time spent with family making memories and experiencing life milestones. It was a packed 5 days but we enjoyed every minute of it.
You see - our family is a very close family - 3 sisters (twins and exactly a year and two days apart made for best friends in every situation of life) and a brother and awesome parents. Growing up we were the only ones that understand everything about each other. When we were in the states people didn't understand our lives in Ecuador, when we were in Ecuador people had no clue about life in the states.  WE spent hours in the car together on furlough, we loved each other during hard times in the ministry. WE stayed close to each other and always had each other's backs. Fast forward a few years and we are spread out all over the states and Ecuador and it's about to be spread over the whole world. Times to get together are fewer and farther between so we cherish these moments and understand the importance of them - you see - we understand what it's like to stay close even though there is distance between us. We understand the hard part of saying good bye and the joy of saying Hello again - and we appreciate time with each other so much!

Run Down of our trip -
Wed - May 9th drive after work an hour down to Brother's House in Denver. (insert boys screaming for about an hour and half and not going to sleep until about 11:30) :)
Thurs - May 10th wake up bright and early (5:30) and leave for airport by 6 am. Fly 2 hours to Chicago. Get picked up around 11ish. Drive 5 hours to Dunbar WI (I think it took more like 7 hours) finally get settled into hotel and down for the night
Fri - May 11th drive 40 min to school for awards chapel. Then back to Iron Mt MI to the hotel for a small family celebration of my Brother graduating from college!!!! Good Job Jeffrey!
Saturday May 12th - drive 40 min to Northland International University to watch my brother graduate. Celebrate afterwards for a while. Finally leave about 1pm. Drive to chicago to drop of my sister and her husband, then 3 more hours to my Grandparents house.
Sunday - May 13th - enjoy a great Mother's Day with my wonderful amazing mother, and my grandmother, and my twin and my own family
Monday - May 14th Celebrate my parents 29th Anniversary, visit my Aunt's farm, and enjoy as much family time as possible
Tues - May 15th Drive 3 hours back to Chicago airport, fly 2 hours, drive about an hour and half back home. Get home about 8:30ishpm.

good Job Jeff!

Proud Parents - happy to be done paying for college :)

Proud Grandparents

This picture cracks me up - trying to get a picture with a ton of screaming kids :)

The Original Family!! :)


Cute! Uncle Jeff with Daniel
p.s. he was the only one not screaming I think :)
It was quite the trip, with tons of traveling. Boys did awesome for what we required of them.  They played and played with their cousins, got to know Gramie and Grampie better, and great Grandma and Great Grandpa (who opened their house to our whole family and put up with a lot more noise and rambunctiousness that they are used to). It was an awesome long weekend!

I'll be posting more pictures throughout the week. Don't want to overwhelm you with too many! But boy! did we have a great time! Thank you God for giving us this gift of family and time together!
One last picture of my Love.
I realized there wasn't any pictures of him - and I needed to prove
he was there with us :) too bad I didn't get a good picture with the whole family!

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