Saturday, May 22, 2010

1st hair cut

Well, it's taken me forever to decide what to do about getting his hair cut. After going back and forth about all my options and just putting it off for so long b/c I didn't know which one to do - I just called my hair dresser and set up an appointment. I did have to pay for it - but she did so good with him, and I was glad I took him there. He looks so cute now. So he looks all handsome in time for our fun trip next weekend.

Jehovah Jireh

So the past couple weeks I have been so amazed at how God has provided for our needs. Backing up a little bit before the past couples weeks, Richard and I were pretty discouraged about some things that didn't work out, confused about what to do, and worried about how things were going to work out in a few different big areas of our lives. It was so easy (and I'm not going to lie, I was) to be discouraged and thinking nothing "good" happens to us, we have to work for everything we have, God isn't working in our lives, or it was really hard to see.
But right now I want to take the time to praise God who does provide. I hope that I learned my lesson and will be able to do this even in the harder times. GOd thank you so much for your goodness whether I see it daily or not, you are Good.
-A man in our church gave Richard a whole set of new (to us, and relatively new in general) golf clubs. Now Richard has been saying for a long time that he wanted some new clubs, but of course that is not probable right now in our lives. But this wonderful man knew Richard loved golf and didn't need them anymore and just completely gave them to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Yesterday 5-21-10 Richard brought home a garbage bag full of non perishable food that he got from his work!!!!! This will help out so so much. (pictured above)
-Richard has been really needing work pants. every single pair he wears to work have massive holes in the knees - but who wants to spend money on work pants. So today a local church had a big free yard sale. i guess church people donate everything to church and everything is free. So we went to that and richard got 3 new pairs of pants, and I got some stuff for Carson for next winter, and some other little things. so so helpful and wonderful timing.
-We were looking for a toddler bed for Carson for when the new baby is born - we almost bought one on craigslist but at last minute decided not to - someone else from our church called and was getting rid of hers, so she is willing to just give it to us!!!! So wonderful and I'm so glad we waited on purchasing the other one.
-I was really worried about pregnancy clothes for me (carson's pregnancy I borrowed just about all my clothes from a friend, but she has moved away and I couldn't borrow them this time) - well in a lot of various ways, I have all the pregnancy cltohes I need and so littl emoney spent. I bougth some at yard sales, and a pregnancy crisis center, and a lot of people have let me borrow stuff too. So thankful for that.
We are so so thankful for it God taking care of each of our needs
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