Saturday, April 10, 2010

1 Year Old

So this post has been delayed a little bit - but who cares. My son and I have achieved one year of being together and figuring each other out!!!! That feels like such a great accomplishment. I was so excited about his party. It's just a huge milestone for a first time mother and I love to plan things like this. My parents were able to be here for it, and that is something we will cherish forever, and never thought would happen.
I made the cakes for it - and they turned out great (although I did have help from my husband and my father). I had always said in the past that I would be terrible at making cool birthday cakes, but I had an idea and tried to do it. I would never have pulled it off without the help from my husband who is persistent at figuring things out though. so Saturday afternoon before the party I plunged into the challenge. After a whole afternoon of frosting, and a kitchen full of frosting all over the place. Here is the outcome. ( I made the frosting from scratch but added too much milk, and it was so runny after adding just about a whole bag more of powdered sugar, I sent Richard to the store to just buy some - hence the kitchen full of frosting.) But they turned out so good.
We just had family, our neighbors and a friend who lives close to us come over. So thankful for the day and the fun. I had meatballs, wings, pasta salad, veggies, and fruit salad for the food. And a really good punch too. Our theme was sports so that is why we did the soccer ball and the golf course cakes. I had an easter egg hunt for all the kids, and then had favors of diff kind of ball for everyone. i think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Carson started walking exactly a week before he turned 1. I thought it would never happen b/c he walked on his knees for like 5 months. But he finally did. Although the process of him walking all the time has taken longer than I expected too. But he is finally walking all over the place and getting faster. I just think it's so cute to see him toddling around.

Once I hit this mile stone I don't catch myself thinking about the next stage that much. If you've read my blog at all you know how much of an impatient person i tend to be. So always before i was always anticipating him being that next month older that by the time he hit that marker, I was on to the next one and didn't always enjoy the moment. But now that we have reached one yr, I feel like things are going good. i don't wait for him to be a different age now.

Now the big challenge is discipline and teaching him. I heard someone say just yesterday - "train your child to obey by the time he's 2 and things will be easier. " Which is just the philosophy I wanted to keep, now I know it is possible. So We are working on obeying and understanding what I mean when I say something. He does have a strong will, but I'm determined to be stronger than him. :-) I've really been praying a lot that God would help me to train him to be a godly man, and to be a well disciplined child. With God's help I face each new stubborn act of Carson's. :-)

But looking at this cute picture I bet you would never know he is stubborn :-)
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