Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall???!? I don't think so

Fall is my favorite time of year. (but I think it's a lot of people's favorite). The change of cool air from the hot summer. The colors, the flavors, the smells, the food - everything it's just perfect. I love wearing jeans and sweatshirts. I love being cold at night. I love the fresh air outside. I could literally go on and on with how much I like Fall.

This year has been really weird, even for CO. It's been over 80 for more than week now. It's Oct 3rd and I'm in shorts and t-shirt and it's so hot outside. i cannot believe it. The nights are getting cool, so that helps, but I just can't believe how warm it is. I know it's like over 10 degrees over the norm which is crazy!

So needless to say - I don't feel ready for fall at all. I read other's on FB stating how much they are cozy in their house, what they are cooking and how good it smells, candles, leaves and crafts all revolving around Fall! I have not even started that mind set yet. I'm afraid it will rush right into winter and I won't even get to enjoy all these things that I love.

So despite the temperature - we tried some things. Now don't get all comparing to me and how great of a mom I am (b/c that's exactly what I would do, compare and feel guilty) - this is not normal, I am not crafty nor do I have good ideas.  This is not the norm, although i wish it was. Most days we sit around with me trying to figure out how to entertain these boys. I know Carson needs more "purposeful activities" at his age and this has scared me a lot. I would just as soon play outside at the park every single day - but I know this will help him. So I tried something with leaves, and pine cones and berries from the trees around our neighborhood. I guess it was fine. He more wanted me to draw trains (remember the notsocrafty factor?yeah, not pretty, I can't draw either) and trace his hands. But hey - whatever. Maybe I'll look on pintrest for more things. :)

Another thing this crazy weather has caused is the boy's room to blow up. Some nights are chilly, some days they need pants, other days it's so hot they are in tank tops and shorts. Their dressers are not big enough for everything, so i have piles and piles and piles of the next season and sizes and am just waiting for the weather to mellow out before I put it all away. (does anyone else have this issue? i never know what to do besides have a mess for a long time)

I'm not necessarily complaining at all either! We have taken full advantage of the SUPER sunny days, long mornings at the park and picnics, walks outside and just enjoying tons and tons of sunshing. I LOVE SUNSHINE.  I know come winter in this small apartment I will be longing for days like this. So we are soaking them in fully. But it just makes it seem weird that it's already October


yeah - this happens very frequently
Poor Landon
 Happy Happy Boys

Boy, do I have a busy october too! I cannot wait for all the different activities we have on the calendar. Stay posted to hear all about them!

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Trina Mayfield said...

For saying you're not too crafty, you did a really great job! I'm sure you'll do a great job with the boys. You are an amazing mother and I love keeping up with your lives in Colorado.

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