Friday, July 29, 2011


We will be visiting my Grandfather this weekend before we move very far away from him. And we will also be seeing some good friends, my Cousin and family (also good friends) and my Auntie Terre. (and hopefully a few other people too)
I will be off of blogger for this longer weekend. But I leave you with this verse that lifted my spirits today

Psalm 9
Vs 1. I will praise you O Lord with all my heart, I will tell of all your wonders
vs 2. I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing praise to your name, O Most High
Vs 9. The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble
Vs 10. Those who know your name will trust in You, For you, Lord have NEVER forsaken those who seek You

Thursday, July 28, 2011


just going to be honest right here on my blog - this seems to be a distinctively harder week for me. Richard has worked longer hours than normal (which i guess is a good thing b/c his work has been too slow lately), I have been overwhelmed emotionally with conflicting emotions (happy to be starting new and happy to start our lives in CO helping the church plant, but sad to think about leaving my friends and the comfortable life I have), worries about the future, packing, kids etc.
I read THE PERFECT post tonight here
and I was convicted of my sin! How many times this week have I responded to Carson in frustration over hearing him say the same thing A MILLION times before I even have a chance to respond yes or no? How many times I have been "irritated" at Landon's lack of napping or his crying b/c he's stuck once again under the table and charis? How many nights have I been frustrated that Richard is not home and I have to do the whole dinner/bedtime routine by myself? How many nights have I fought the lack of desire to read to my child so I can just sit? How many times have I voiced to Richard when he gets back from a VERY LONG day at work, that there is so much to do, that I've done all the packing by myself? Instead of showing him love and bearing all things? I'm almost in tears with conviction of my actions and attitudes tonight.

So as i sit here by myself I plan to embrace Richard when he gets home late, when he really needs my embrace b/c he has worked his "butt off" this whole week, and just be still with him and thank him for his hard work. I wish i could turn the clock back and hold my sons a little longer, spend a little longer on the floor reading the same book for the hundredth time instead of getting up to wash the dishes.
God help me to love all things, bear all things! help me to show my family love! Thank you Lord for your grace in my life. Thank you for loving me and saving me despite my sinfulness.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New day

That's what I'm hoping for when i wake up . . .
Now - realize I'm trying desperately to put all this in perspective, to hold to the truth of the gospel on each aspect of my day, to glorify God, and to try to be optomistic about my day but . . . (maybe this will be humorous to some, and probably to me in about 4 days)
Started out all "gung hoe" with making muffins and baby food, played in the pool in the yard with the boys then put them down for naps. Then it all turned around . . .
1.Plans for running with a friend postponed b/c Richard worked late
2. Consequently , no supper made b/c I'm bummed he's gone and don't know when he'll get home
3. Boys are cranky due to lack of good naps
4. 2 unexpected prospectors (of renting the place when we move out) show up unannounced. i thought my Landlord said he would give them my cell to call me directly to set up a time? Well, nope - gotta show my very messy 1/4 packed apartment to complete strangers with cranky kids trying to eat cantaloupe
5. due to the "visitors" and "trying to eat cantaloupe" nothing else for supper is made, and momma is hungry, and we all know what happens when momma gets hungry
picture this rotated to the right

6. here is a picture of the bathtub that i find when i start the whole bathing process. (and everyone knows, I do not like giving the boys baths, it tires me out and is hard for me to do b/c they don't seem to like it either, hmmm, maybe that's a coincidence) yup you guessed it, shaving cream exploded, how does that happen?

hopefully i can show this on my blog
7. My poor Landon's back got sunburned, he was bent over the side of the pool most of the morning playing, and his back was exposed and momma didn't notice :( Poor little guy!!!
8. and let's just add one more thing to top it off - this is the 3rd day that I have not had any iced coffee!!!! (I have had coffee just not my favorite) Isn't that some sort of record or something. :) (jk)
But really, I need to take advantage of them these last 2 and half weeks b/c they don't have Dunkin donuts in CO!!!! (good reason to splurge every day before we leave) (Richard is happy about that one. :) )


Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

3 Weeks away

I will either be posting non stop about our moving process or I will not be posting anything at all b/c I will be so busy.
I was sorta waiting until this weekend was over to really get into packing and cleaning. Packing too far ahead of time stresses me out more I've decided. How to decide what to put away, what I will still need, living with boxes all around for a long time. I'd rather wait until the week before and go psycho with putting everything away as fast as I can and not worry about the mess b/c it's for a short amount of time. So that's what I'm going to do.

We have 3 weeks left - and so much to do. That is not very much time!
It's overwhelming to think we will be moving everything across the country. Right now we have no housing and no job. It's so easy for us to sit and worry about how it will work out. You need a job to do an application for an apartment so you have income, you need a place to live to get a job and have an address . . . many things like this keep going through my head.  Richard is working vigorously researching and applying at any place he can. I'm working on searching the internet for apartments and housing and possible job options for me.
How will it all work out? How will we survive? How will I keep my boys feeling safe through it all? What if the time comes and we don't have a place? Will we have to live with someone? Who? what do we do with our stuff? how will we afford the moving truck and gas to get there? how will the boys do with me in the car by myself for 35+ hrs?  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! I should not have even started this post.

Anyways - I have to keep stopping my mind from wandering like that and remember truth! God promises to take care of us! He promises to lead us and guide us! He loves us! He died for us and gave us eternal life and is molding us into his image! I want to serve him and glorify Him with my life! I pray that I can through this ordeal.
Richard and I (without trying to be too pessimistic) say to each other - "we have some tough road ahead of us in the next few months" It's true, but I would not want to do it with anyone else!
If you think of it - Please pray for us!
If you have any advice about moving cross country (in any area) please share with me
If you know of any connections in Fort Collins please tell me!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I finally got "the go ahead" from my darling husband to announce it on my blog. :) I think we've told mostly everyone (and if we missed telling you in person, I'm sorry, please no hard feelings). 

We are officially heading to Fort Collins, COLORADO! on August 15th (well that's the date we have to be out of our apartment anyways). WE are very-much-so looking forward to the opportunity to get involved in The Crossing (a Crossway Chapel Ministry)

No, we do not have any details worked out yet. :) So don't ask, (jk) :)
We told our current Landlord that we will be out on August 15th. We are looking vigorously for jobs and housing in Fort Collins. WE have some leads, but nothing secure at all yet. We still don't know details of when we plan to pull out., how we will get there, or time frame of anything. But we will - we just are slower sometimes at things than people expect - but we always pull through. And Richard always gets things done very well.

We will most likely be renting a HUGE moving truck, packing it up sometime the weekend right before the 15th, and pulling out around then too. Richard will probably drive the truck and I will drive our car with the boys the (about) 1,700 miles across the USA. What route we'll take or where we'll stop are yet to be discussed.
So if you think of us - please pray for job, housing, our truck to sell, packing to go smoothly and that we would be wise in all the decisions we have to make both financially and practically. 

We have many good byes to say, and many loose ends to tie up. Many people to see one last time . . .
The time is getting closer and closer and I feel like I'm sorta in denial as to the nearness of our move. I'm overwhelmed by how things will work out, but slowly things will. I just need PATIENCE!!! (ha, getting bored of hearing me say that?)
I'm sad to think about saying good bye to my wonderful friends. Richard and I were just talking- we spent almost 4 years here, and this is part of our life story now, our first years of marriage were here, our 2 oldest kids were born here, our lives as a couple were formed by our friends/church/surroundings. It will be sad to leave for sure!!!!
We have so much family within driving distance that we will have to figure out how to say good bye too. Family in MA, central PA, SouthEastern PA, and a sister in law here in Scranton. So many Good Good friends to say Good bye too.
Although I'm used to saying good bye (b/c of how I grew up) it still makes me SUPER sad! I know our lives will never be the same and they have been touched so dearly by our friends and family with whom we have spent our time with here in NEPA.  I guess I'd better stop writing about it all before I start crying while typing it (this whole having kids thing really made me emotional about more things than I used to be emotional about).  maybe I'll do a post about the wonderful people but for now - know that my heart is already aching with the thought of saying good bye to it all now. I am forever a different person b/c of my relationships that I have built here.

Also - please do not underestimate the excitment I feel at the thought of moving to our new place! WE are esctatic and completely convinced that this is where God is leading us! We are so excited about it ALL!!!! I know that as we seek God's will, He will keep molding us by His grace into His Image and I'm fully convinced that He uses circumstances and people to do this.
Too Many Emotions all at once that I'm feeling. Know my heart if full as I type this. Nerves, excitement, saddness, worry . . .  But also know - I thrive on this type of scenario. Just have to get past the emotions.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just what I needed to read today

 I follow this blog called "girltalk" and I love it!
And today they posted something that was pretty much just what I needed to read! So you can either click on the link, or read further here. But I tell ya - perfect for me to read today! I will meditate on this for a while.

“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act. He will bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your justice as the noonday.” Psalm 37:5-6
"Cast away anxiety, resign thy will, submit thy judgment, leave all with the God of all....The ploughman sows and harrows, and then leaves the harvest to God. What can he do else? He cannot cover the heavens with clouds, or command the rain, or bring forth the sun or create the dew. He does well to leave the whole matter with God; and so to all of us it is truest wisdom, having obediently trusted in God, to leave results in his hands and expect a blessed issue." Charles Spurgeon

Monday, July 18, 2011

5 Months

I'm 3 days late in posting this - but mostly b/c it was the weekend and I had friends over, and tons of sunshine and very little humidity and a family day and a date night. So my life was taken over with these things and the opportunity to write about this wasn't on the forefront of my mind.

But now it's Monday - a day that I fought very Very VERY hard to get up early to start.  I went to bed last night debating whether I should set my alarm early or not, debating whether it's worth it to get up. Thinking this week maybe I'll just relax about it! But 6 AM rolled around, my husband gave a very very sensitive nudge and I rolled out of bed.  I got up, read my Bible and spent some time with my God and went for a 4 mile run. Boy did I  NOT want to do it since last night!
But you know - once I was showered, Richard's lunch made and a cup of coffee in my body - I think -Boy, I'm super glad I got up, super glad I stayed disciplined, and I know all day long I will be a happier person b/c I got my reading and exercise in already. I'm ready mentally, physically and spiritually to face what the day holds.
I say this b/c I think this past month was the hardest for me to stay disciplined in getting up. I can't quite figure it out. schedules were a little different with the trips that we took. Richard has been leaving a little earlier for work on a lot of days and it's been SUPER hot even in the mornings.
But Most mornings I got up, most mornings I stayed disciplined and I can honestly say from experience, I feel so much better when I stay determined to be disciplined. and not make excuses for myself.  So it's been 5 months since I've started this new "challenge" that I hope to make a lifestyle.
How are you doing? Is it getting easier or did you hit a wall like me?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Project Marriage: Date Night

Last month I linked up with Life Without Pink for the Project Marriage and shared how Richard proposed to me to spark the "original" love story of our lives and you can read up on that here. This month we were challenged to go on a date night with our husbands and enjoy each other's company (as simple or big as you wanted) and not talk about the kids at all! Simply enjoy each other!  Of course - I'll jump on the bandwagon for a good Date night! Plus I agree we need to work at keeping the "love sparks" alive in the heat of life and kids!!! I will gladly support keeping the love fire burning for any marriage!!!!

We are lucky in a way b/c we recently worked out a deal with our neighbors that they watch our kids once a month for us to go out, and a different night we watch their kids for them to go out on a date. And let me tell you, if you have a chance to work something like this out with anyone - DO IT!!!!! It is so wonderful!! Gladly would I babysit for someone if I knew sometime in the future it would mean I can go out!!! I hope in our new place we can work something like this out again.

So last night we had our Date Night!!! It was wonderful. We could not have asked for more perfect weather! We got a certificate at to a new local restaurant we drive by all the time and wanted to try - Amici.  It was THE PERFECT SETTING! beautiful weather, we sat outside on a beautiful deck and just enjoyed our time so much. It was just what we needed. I wanted to take a picture of us on the deck at our table to capture what the moment looked like but I didn't for 2 reason. 1. we were very much so out of our financial/comfortable element and i would've felt super dumb with all the high class people there pulling out my camera to get a onceinalifetime picture :) 2. I didn't want to ruin the perfect-ness of the scenario by taking out the camera.

After dinner we drove to downtown Scranton and heard the ending of an outside concert in front of the courthouse. Very beautiful setting and weather. and we ended the night at one of our favorite coffee shops and then sitting on a bench drinking our coffee.

We talked about our future, things this past week we hadn't had a chance to discuss yet, richard was able to listen to some ideas I had in my mind for a while and to hear my heart. It was a great time for us to connect and rekindle our affection for one another! We even managed to not talk about the kids like we were supposed to do. I honestly wondered if we would be able to b/c we love them dearly, but we talked about other things and still had plenty to talk about!  Did I mention we had THE BEST WEATHER POSSIBLE! for this date night?!?!?!?!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Long time Friends

I moved a lot in my lifetime and have met A LOT of people over the years in many states/countries/churches/stages of life - i just know a lot of people.  There are very few friends over the years that I keep in contact with regularly and those friendships i cherish dearly. 

Thursday and Friday this week my dear friend from Boston came to visit me. I have known her since Kindergarten and she and I have kept in contact since then. I have lived overseas, gone to a far away college, taken missions trips, worked at camps, gotten married and moved away then moved closer and many other things and through it all she has put so much effort into staying my friend. 
It takes work to stay Good friends through life and moving so much - but I could not be more thankful that she has made the same commitment and we are reaping the benefits. 

She has a son a little older than my second and we were able to spend a good amount of time together those two days just being together and being mothers. Which is a relatively new phase for both of us. 

My heart was encouraged and lifted up! We took off right where we left off and that happens every time!!!!! I  consider her so challenging to me, both in my spiritual walk and my motherhood walk!  these kind of friends are hard to come by - and I cherish it dearly.

Sadly b/c I hate to take pictures, (but love having them) I don't have any of our time together. So I will upload one of us from a different time we were together. :)

over a year ago in Boston both of us preggers!!! :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

except I always have to add my 2 cents worth into pictures. :)

After I post this everyone will think I don't know how to cook. With last night's post and this picture. really I do cook, and I like to cook, and usually do pretty good. Maybe it's the heat . . .

really though, this meatball calzone made completely from scratch really did taste much better than it looks!!! Just remember, no matter how many meatballs are left, even if it's just 4 more you should not try to squeeze them in the calzone. It makes for a messy dinner!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Irresponsible??? No - Survival!

What do you do on a VERY HOT NIGHT??????????????????
when supper didn't turn out???
-I tried to cooked homecooked baked beans. But I was using dry beans (which I work with all the time) I soaked these beans, and I boiled them for like 4 hrs (I"m not even being sarcastic!!!!) and they were still so hard and hardly changed textures at all. I couldn't believe it. So I was supper annoyed at that! We were just waiting and waiting. Finally open a can of beans and make the baked beans recipe, then do the hot dogs. Our buns we were using were left over from something else, and they were NOT WORKING with our hotdogs. Carson gagged and threw up b/c he stuffed his mouth, and Landon is screaming b/c he fell from a standing position and hit his head on the floor.

Meanwhile the kitchen is LITERALLY 120 degrees F.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(mostly b/c the beans had been boiling for like 100 hrs!!!!) and if you know me at all, I get VERY CRANKY when I'm hot!!!!
My loving, dear dear husband states in the middle of UTTER CHAOS!!! Let's get in the car, go to Mickey D's and get McFlurry's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He had 3 happy campers instantly!!!! Got rejuvenated to start the bedtime routine and cooled off a little. Thank you Richard for taking us out for a treat!!!! and letting mommy cool down in an air conditioned restaurant.

Rockin' the Baby

First I linked up with Rockin' the Baby Bump - now I'm rockin' the baby over at . . .
I'm linking up at Things I Can't Say over here. Go check them all out!
So excited to show you these pictures. Often i catch myself flipping through all my pictures of my boys lives, or stopping to watch the computer screen as they shuffle through on our screen saver.
Ahhh, the memories . . . .
How easily the difficultness of the newborn stage is forgotten. It is replaced with fuzzy feelings of how wonderful it is to be a mother and to hold your very own baby. They grow up so fast I'm learning through experience. I can say I honestly have enjoyed every stage so far (except the first 3 months).

This is Carson on his way home from the hospital.
Now he is 2 yrs old and 4 months!!!!
Full of life and energy
This is Landon in the NICU. The first time
I saw him (besides the 30 sec right after delivery)
This is Landon now
and HEALTHY 10 month old!!!!
He also enjoys life, is healthy and right on track!!!!
Looking forward to many more pictures to watch shuffle through on my screen saver!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

10 Months!

Landon is now Ten Months old!!!! Only 2 more months until he is 1 yr old! I can't believe it. I might venture to say that he is by far the easiest baby ever!!!!! The only time he ever cries is meal time when you can't spoon his food fast enough or get his bottle ready fast enough!!!!!
he sleeps 12 hrs a night and takes 2 wonderful naps!
this past month he really started to grow up. He claps his hands. He recognizes his name. He started crawling (although it's much more of an army crawl).
The other day I was sitting on the landing talking to Richard who was also on the landing (why were we there, i have no idea) and Carson starts yelling (in his only-mommy-comprehensive-words) "Landon climb up the steps, Landon climb up the steps" I turn while Richard keeps talking b/c once again, I seem to be the only one who understands his wide vocabulary, and sure enough Landon is picking himself up to the first step!!!! I love this stage when they start doing so much every week.
Landon and Carson are really starting to get along (but at the same time I've already seen some rivalry starting). They love to be on the floor together and are even starting to wrestle! And believe it or not - Landon is already starting to get Carson back for all the hardship he put him through. Now whenever I'm changing Carson's diaper on the floor, Landon crawls over as fast as he can and attacks carson's head and face. Carson of course flips out and says in his own way - "I don't want to wrestle with Landon". and me being the mean mother I am - just keep laughing at the ordeal b/c I know what Landon went through the first few months of his life with Carson.

The other day we were at a friends house who had a chicken coup. Carson had his fingers on the mesh fence thing and I was holding Landon. A chicken jumped up and pecked Carson's finger, and Carson did get pretty afraid of it (no harm done though) and Landon immediately started dying laughing at Carson. I cannot believe it!!! (and of course being the mean mother I am, couldn't help but laugh at it either) the interaction they are already having is so much fun.

I do have one question - What do other moms do when it reaches the stage of the younger one messing with whatever the older one is trying to play with? i.e. blocks, train tracks, puzzles etc. Landon loves to get right in with Carson, but Carson freaks out. Of course Landon doesnt' quite understand what exactly he's doing, and it's not necessarily bad - just not helpful. Besides distraction for the little one any other suggestions? the hard part is also - sometimes it's fine with Carson and other times it's not!

Anyways - it's a fun time for us. Although next summer will be even better b/c they will both be running around, and not one on a blanket getting bored fast!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sharing what's on my mind!

Sometimes life feels hard. Things in life bog you down or you get tired, or things start breaking and going wrong.
Richard and I sorta feel like we are in a season like this right now. Our future is very unsure and we have a lot to figure out and we wonder often how will "we" figure it all out and get everything done, and when will this all happen.
At the same time, in the present- things in our lives keep going the wrong way, or things keep happening that require attention and suck away our time that we could be using on figuring out our lives.
I decided the other night, it's not that I worry that we will be destitute or end up on the streets starving, the hard part for me is waiting. (haven't I said that before on this blog??? :) ) I want to know how it will all work out, I want to understand exactly how God will work out details for moving or details for solving our current "problems."
It's easy to get discouraged and bogged down about it - but I keep coming back to two things.
1. In the scheme of life, we're not so bad. i completely realize our situation is "not that bad" despite how I feel right now. God continually places stories and people in my life that remind me, I am blessed and there are others much "worse". (I don't know if this is really an ok thing to rationalize with - but it helps me keep perspective)
2. I trust that God is in control of the world and every detail of my life. I trust that He not only knew what did and is going to happen, but he has ordained it. He is using it to bring Glory to himself, and I will praise him in the storm.
God's plan is much bigger than me. His ultimate purpose is to bring lost sinners to Himself.

My mother so graciously gave me this quote just today, I have to share it on my blog!
We will never live in Freedom or Power
until we consistently choose against worry
and deliberately chose to trust in God alone.
When we chose to trust God
we are choosing against worry.
You Lord Give true peace.
You give peace to those who depend on you
You give peace to those who trust in you
It is simple - God rewards our trust with Peace

Psalm 25
1. To you O Lord I lift up my soul
2. In you I trust, O my God.
3. No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame,
4. show me your ways O Lord, teach me your paths;
5. Guide me in your truth, and teach me, for you are God My Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.

God help me focus on truth and your Word and not my feelings. help me to live by your strength each day and not my own. Help be a light for your glory in the midst of my "life".
And what I always tell my friends when they are going through a hard time - It will be so exciting to be able to tell the story of how God worked things out! so I tell myself the same thing - I can't wait to tell you all how all the details worked out and how God showed himself faithful!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First - Wordless Wednesday

The only words I have for this picture

Fill up the Radio Flyer
Let's go swimming!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

typical 4th of July?? i think not!

Yeah - we are the crazy family that decides to leave on "vacation" 4 days after we get back from vacation. hahahahaha. That's how we roll! We love a good trip that's for sure.

On Friday we left to drive to my Twin's house (after Richard woke up at 4:30AM to drive to philly to work all day and then to get stuck in TONS of traffic and take him double the time to get home, but he so amazingly knew I wanted to leave that night, so he got back in the car and we drove for 3 more hours!!!) We got in around 11 but of course - Our Boys do FINE in the car. (and I'm not even being sarcastic)

---Saturday my twin and I did a 5K run to try it out and get comfortable running with each other. You see we have a history of me, in my immaturity, pushing her a little too far when it comes to athletic expectations which I regret now and admire her now for! She was nervous to run with me since she has very recently started this new thing - but she did great! Didn't walk at all for our practice run - and it gave her the boost of confidence that she could do this race thing on the 4th.
We spent the day celebrating her 2nd son's 2 year birthday with Mickey Mouse and just enjoying our day together. Playing in a bucket of water again, playing in the new sand box, and all other things that boys and mother of boys do on a lazy saturday.
cool cake that all the boys LOVED!
He is a cutie!
what a ham! enjoying
every bit of cake and ice cream
cuz once we stop vacationing
you're not getting any for a while :)
ha - this pic cracks me up!
Guess it was a strike.
Although he was very good at this!
---Sunday we went to church at their church. Then in the afternoon, after kids were taking their naps, Jerelyn and I went out for a little shopping getaway, but mostly ended up getting groceries for the next day b/c that's what moms do. :)
In the evening we all decided to "live it up" and go to Outback Steakhouse for Supper!!! boys behaved themselves so good, and even got compliments from a table of old people! :) And we had a very nice meal and good conversation. (at least as much as you can have with 3 toddlers and a baby at your table)
on the way home we bought some legal fireworks and had a blast with the boys in the parking lot! They loved the throwing those "snapper-pop-crack-when-you-hit-the-surface" thingamigs. It was so fun watching them - maybe soon I'll upload a video of it! Carson was a little apprehensive of the sparklers and roman candle but warmed up to it a little. Definitely something to remember for me.
Always have to have a pic
of me and my man!

My beautiful twin and her husband
they are an amazingly kind couple!
watching the cool fireworks
in the safety of the dads!
trying to get all 3 to smile and look = impossible

--- 4th of July, Monday RACE DAY!!! Jerelyn was pretty nervous, and understandably so. i remember being pretty nervous my first race. (who am I kidding, I'm hardly a runner yet, and still get nervous myself). We got up early, got the boys up early, and headed out! (not before my sister threw up on the side of the road due to nerves, very normal event for her though hahaha) she did AWESOME! She made it through the entire race without walking!!!!!!! She beat her time from 2 days before by 2 and half minutes, and she felt so proud of herself, and I was so proud of her. She ran so good!!! Her training was hard and had complications of shin splints, kids, broken car, sickness of boys etc, but she persevered and accomplished her goal! She should be so proud of herself, b/c I am! I was honored to run with her and encourage her along the way! I hope she keeps it up - especially just the exercise! A memory to have forever!
We had a cookout together that afternoon and then Richard and I pulled out to head home.
On our way home, last minute (you know b/c that's how we role) we decided to meet up with Richard's sister in a town,(on our way home) and watch some big fireworks! so much fun. Carson was so excited. (no camera though, battery was dead, and left it at jerelyns :( ) But it was so fun as a mother watching his excitement anticipating the "fireworks" that we kept building up. Once they started he kept asking to go home - but he sat their without too much complaining and has been talking about them since.

I think my boys are getting a little
annoyed at having to sit there
while mommy runs a race :)
after the race - still breathing, jerelyn :)
almost at the end
"come on, there's the finish line"
Great Job!

All in All - wonderful weekend with Family!
Now hopefully soon i can concentrate on our next phase of life!

Friday, July 1, 2011

It's the simple things in life

If you are my friend on FB - you may remember when I posted something about this last summer.
Well it's the simple things in life. This year instead of using the home depot bucket and measuring cups - I upgraded and went all out with a $1 watering can from Walmart, and even brought out his Christmas present - the Radio Flyer Wagon. Boy did he have fun playing with the water and his neighbor!

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