Monday, May 19, 2008

What a fun Weekend!

Its so wonderful to finally have events to go to with friends from our church that we have been attending. We had a fun packed weekend with people. On Sat morning Richard went out and played golf with one of the husband's of the new couples we are friends with. He had a great time because it was his first time out on the course. Meanwhile, I went with the wife and her two kids yard sale-ing and stuff like that. We had a great time.

I had the afternoon to fix my food for the big evening event. We have been attending a young married Sunday School class, ( that is where all of our friends have come from) and that class had a planned Wii bowling night. All the couples were supposed to dress up like a team together. We supposed to bring finger foods and desserts. So I took Emerill's tortilla roll Pin wheel things, and then lemon cream cheese cup cakes (from Kraft foods). Both were very good. So we went and there were about 13 couples which is a good amount of couples. We had a great time on two big screens playing the Wii. Its so nice to have events to go to. I love thinking of foods to make, and planning in my head and looking forward to social things like this.

Sunday we went to church like normal and of course I enjoyed our Sunday School class and the fellowship that we have. (I feel like we have not had christian fellowship with young couples for so long that it is soooooooo refreshing for us).

We had been attending a marriage seminary on Sunday nights. We were watching the movie imarriage by Andy Stanley. It was very good. There was a great variety of couples in the class and we really had a great time of discussion and fellowship. It was a 6 week long seminary (meeting every sunday night for 6 weeks) and then this past sunday was like a big cookout. We were invited to one of the couples house (which by the way was beautiful and big and so much land and amazing). We all had to take a salad or dessert, so again I enjoyed thoroughly planning and making something for that. I made a double chocolate strawberry cake thing. It looked and tasted very good. Again the fellowship was so refreshing. If anyone knows me, they know that I love people and doing things, so I am so happy that finally we have people in our lives who we can do things with. Slowly we are meeting other people from the church too so that is very encouraging.

I know we are going to enjoy this summer of being here and meeting and getting to know the people that are around us.

Now we are here, my brother (thank the LORD) has found a perfect job. He is working for someone landscaping. This guy is a christian and has connections to BBC. It worked out so good for Jeff. He was nervous about working his first real job. But this is a perfect job for a hard working young man, on his way to college. God truly does answer prayers.

This coming weekend is another one to look forward to. I will have to post about it after the weekend, but a sneak peak is that my parents will be here from Ecuador and Jerelyn with the baby is coming up here too!!! Yay!. I have had so much fun planning the food and the events to do. Its going to be so nice to have them all here. :-) I will try to take pics and write about it after the weekend is over. Until Then . . .
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