Thursday, September 22, 2011


We moved from a 3 bedroom house with a basement, fenced in yard, and garage TO a 2 bedroom apartment in a complex on the 3rd floor. 
Can you say Downsize?????

Needless to say - I was worried about the activity/energy level of my 2 active little boys. I was spoiled letting Carson out the back door to run around in the yard when he had a lot of extra energy. One of the things that I just didn't know what I was going to do is how to keep my active boys- active and not resort to TV all day long to keep him calm. (b/c let's face it, that's usually the only time my 2 yr old sits still and that's not even a guarantee)

One of the things that I am LOVING about Fort Collins is the many, many parks available. Today we just walked about a mile to this wonderful small park and had our lunch and played in the sand and slides for about 2 hrs!!!!
Fort Collins is filled with tons of grassy areas with benches and picnic tables. Places to walk dogs, to let little boys run wild. The parks are very well maintained. There is one park here so BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has EVERYTHING imaginable (even a splash park in the warm weather)! Carson LOVES it! We could go to a park every day and my boys would be happy. And we almost have! 
And it's almost always sunny her Colorado! I'm told the winters aren't even that bad. It can be cold and snowy one day but be nicer and sunny the next and tolerable to be outside. 

It's amazing how much a walk and a little sunshine can help a mother's heart!
(and also makes whiny, cranky boys - happy)

Caught him mid sentence - oh wait! When is this
kid not in mid sentence?!?!?!?!
he talks literally NON-STOP


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Unknown said...

The boys are getting sooo big! Glad to "see" you all <3

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