Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taking a Poll

So I just want to try something because I'm curious.

How many people think that it is the man's job to lock the doors and shut off all the lights every night?
Who thinks it doesn't matter?
And how many have mother's who always did it?

You see, Richard and I have this debate every once in a while in our relationship. Now don't get me wrong, this is not a big issue at all, and I still love him (even though you can probably tell we don't have the same opinion on this). I grew up where my dad is always the one who did this sort of thing. Richard grew up, where I guess, it didnt' really matter and it wasn't a big deal (Gardner's correct me if I'm wrong about this). So for me, when i have to be the one to turn out the lights because he didn't even consider it?!!! for some reason, its a big deal. So I have a very strong feeling about this (especially since I've been pregnant :-)) and just want to know what people think about this, or if other couples have discussed this before.

(Now please no one take me the wrong way, this is not an issue that matters for life, and I still love Richard very much. ) Just Curious

Monday, December 15, 2008


Hello Everyone,

We have been pretty busy lately with things. Richard has finals this week and then will be done with a very hard semester (Last mandated class of Greek, first Hebrew class, and a theology class, very demanding all 3). He has been so busy and has had so much regular work (he works a 24 hour response job, and has had some long days and nights in the cold weather) and school work and other things that demand this time (visitors, moving, and a pregnant wife), that this semester has been so tiring for him. But we can see the end now and are so thankful and he has learned a lot.

I love this time of year especially this year. I am always comparing it to last year at this time. We had just moved and had just found jobs and hadn't really gone to church much. So I made a ton of cookies and had no one to give them to and no Christmas parties to go to. It was kinda sad, but we were excited about our new life at the same time. This year, we have a wonderful church family and friends, and work is very steady and fine and have a very nice apartment, and I am pregnant. :-) So this year is so much fun for me. All the events and planning to do. All the people to share my baking with, which I love to do. It has just been very fun.

Also in about a week and 2 days we will be flying home to Ecuador and my whole family will be together!!!!!! (another huge thing that is so much fun for me).

One thing that happened last week, is that my mom had a mini stroke from high blood pressure. We got the news on thurs early afternoon, and the news was pretty bad at first. slowly we started finding more out, and finally by Saturday I had talked to my mom and she is doing much better. We were praying so hard for her, and it was hard not knowing what actually happened or not being able to talk with either of my parents. (We are so thankful to the Dull family for keeping us updated so often though). it was a very scary thing for her to go through and for our family. She fell from a high chair when she passed out, and hit her head. She did have some memory loss for a few hours, but now she at least remembers she has 4 kids and 3 married daugthers. :-) (Richard said, I'm glad she remembered who I was. :-), he is so funny). She is on bedrest now for a few more days, and is taking it seriously which I'm happy for. And now has a doctor in Ecuador that is helping her monitor it, and gave her a better medicine for the high altitude. All in all, God protected her and worked out the situation because it could've been a lot worse, but it is good now, and she will take it more seriously now. :-) Here is a picture of my mom with my twin and I, its not that good of a picture of her but I love her to death.

I love my mother very much. She is so organized and on top of everything, and always very even-keiled (sp?) about everything. Never overreacts about things and always does everything she has to do in plenty of time. She did teach me about getting everything on the list done. :-) She is the most thoughtful person that I know, and I hope that one day I will be like her in that way. If you think of it, still pray that the blood pressure stays manageable and that nothing like that happens again.

I am now 24 weeks pregnant (almost 25) and feeling great. I still have one pair of pants that still fit me from my pre-pregnancy days, which I was excited about. I am starting to gain weight steadily now, which hopefully I can keep under control. The baby moves a lot and I like that feeling most of the time.

So I will probably not write until I'm in Ecuador or possibly back from Ecuador, and we are just basically enjoying Christmas parties with friends, and a 1st yr bday party for my nephew, and going to Ecuador. I can't wait, and we will have an extra sweet time with my mother now, cherishing her. :-)

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