Thursday, October 21, 2010

All by myself :)

So today embarks the life of motherhood of 2 by myself. My mom was here for about 3 weeks which is super long compared to what other mother's stay, but when she comes from so far and so little, she wants to make the most of it. I really enjoy spending time with her, and we had a grand time. Our days were filled with watching Regis and kelly together, going out shopping for anything, lunch dates, and mostly chats sitting on the couch holding Landon, and watching Carson play on the living room floor. We are a lot alike and really get along well. She thinks like me a lot as far as getting things done around the house and stuff, so she is a big help b/c she does things how and when I like them done. :) I really am spoiled with all the good times we had and nice company I had with her here.
Now it's back to reality. Although now that I've hit the 6 week mark (magic number for me) I feel prepared. Prepared to start cooking and baking, to start helping out at church again, and planning things with other people. prepared to do things for others, and start life on my own. but also prepared to take care of my two sons and my husband.

I love being called to be a mother and a wife. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 Weeks

I've made it 5 weeks now. My mom came about 2 weeks ago - or a little less. It's been so wonderful to have her here. I survived just over 3 weeks on my own. (although not without lots of help from our church and melissa). Those 3 weeks are a little of a blur and I don't remember too much. I do know that Landon slept a lot during the day and slept 3 hour chunks at night and would always go back to sleep. I didn't do too much around the house or going out, just for apts and things that I had to do.
Once my mom got here we have had tons of fun. It's just wonderful to have the company all day, someone to talk to all day. It helps so much. And as her leg heals more and more (she broke it 8 weeks ago) we are going out more and more. She takes us out to eat and we go shopping. Although she can't jump around with us, it's helpful to have her walk with Carson (they are at the same speed right now :)) and hold his hand so he doesn't run off while I get landon out of the car and set up in the stroller.
Landon started waking up a lot more throughout the day. He cries a lot now and doesn't nap too well. We've had a few really bad nights too. he has never gone more than 4 hours at night and that isn't too often or consistent. I'm so thankful my mom is here now for landon's fussy times to help me out. I've heard 6 weeks is the peak time, and he should start doing a little better soon. I try to keep him on as consistent of a schedule as possible during the day, and every night I go to bed hoping that's the night he sleeps longer. I know it will happen one day - it's just a matter of waiting.
Sorta a cliche saying but "every baby is different" and that is so true. I have to stop comparing him to what Carson did b/c he a different person and born on a different schedule.
Overall we love having Grammie here with us all the time. Carson loves his baby brother and loves to bring the pacifier to him when he's crying or kiss him and touch him and lay down beside him. :)
I love my boys! :)
p.s. I LOVE FALL!!!! (and the fact that I'm not pregnant)
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