Sunday, January 24, 2010


So i decided I really needed a hobby. A lot of my other friends scrapbook or sew or do cool things with their time. I really didn't do anything. :-) In my life I've knitted, quilted, cross-stitched and tried to do scrapbooking - but I'm very notorious for starting things and not finishing things. I sorta get bored and I wouldn't say that I'm creative in any way, and most hobbies require a lot of supplies (which is not really in our budget). I'm a pretty boring person - I just go about my day - cooking, cleaning, taking care of carson. But I need something else to put my efforts into. When Richard is doing homework I just watch TV or something. Which I knew was not always a healthy thing since richard does homework a lot. :-) I am pretty efficient at doing all the household stuff through out the day so that after supper, it's relaxing time. But now what do I do? I need to put my brain to better use, I need to challenge my brain instead of let it go to waste and a hobby seemed to be a good outlet.
So I (with some help from my sister Juli at new years trip) embarked on my trail of making jewelry. It seems to be relativelly inexpensive to start out and keep going, if i just look around. I enjoy the idea of making jewelry and having it for myself, or gifts etc, so we will see how long it sticks. I had a very minimal tutorial by my sister, and have tried to figure more out. This week i have successfully made 2 necklaces and a pair of earings, and look forward to learning more and doing more. if anyone has any ideas or helpful hints I would much appreciate it. :-)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Grandparents 50th Anniversary

New Year's weekend we took a road trip to northwestern IL.(Richard and I's relationship pretty much developed over road trips he was from western CO and I was an MK so we had to drive to many places. We love to take Road trips) It was a quick trip to say the least but way worth it. Thursday we left early in the morning and drove to Cleveland to meet my sister who was at her inlaws house. We met up with them and left our car there and drove the rest of the trip with my sister and brother in law. It added a little bit more to our trip but worth the savings with gas and tolls. We got to IL about 8:30pm and enjoyed celebrating New Years Eve with my entire immediate family. Carson did so good on the trip out there.

WE had a lot of people in a small house but the kiddos did great. Friday was New years and we had a good old time with my grandparents and my immediate family. There were some siblings in town of my grandparents also so they joined in on the festivities.

Saturday the 2nd was the party day. My parents and my Aunt and Uncle put a lot of work into planning this from a distance and the party went off without a hitch. (My mom is super experienced with these things b/c she had to do 3 weddings in 6months all from a distance :-)) I really think that my grandparents enjoyed the time. There were quite a few people that they knew from their long life of ministry that really made an effort to be there for them even if it was a long trip and that really meant a lot to my grandparents. They have been a wonderful example of faithfulness in marriage and ministry to all their offsprings and their friends. It was a wonderful time to celebrate with them. they really enjoyed all their 10 grandkids and 3 great grandkids there with them too.

Then Sunday we drove back with my parents. We left at 5AM expecting to be in by around 9ish. My parents had to drop us off in Cleveland again which added a little more time again -but it really helped us out a lot. Due to traveling with kids, stopping in cleveland, weather and minor car window problems we didn't get in until midnight that night. Needless to say Richard and I were wiped out and both had to be at work the next morning, but thankful for safety. When we started plannign this trip it seemed like a major ordeal and wondering if it would work out for us, but it was neat that every thing worked out and we didn't even use all the money we had saved for the trip :-) (and since when does that ever happen)

it was a wonderful time with family and a wonderful tribute to my grandparents and we are so thankful we made it.

Carson was an absolute angel the entire trip, always slept good, ate good, loved all the people, and was a great road tripper just like his parents. He fits right in. It really allowed me to enjoy myself the entire trip b/c he didn't stress me out at all.

As we were comign home I said - "we dont' have any more trips planned on our calendar" which hasn't happened since we were married. We have had a trip for a wedding or family event in the future our entire marriage (which is only 3 yrs) and now there is nothing. :-( But we were both quick to state we should try to make it to CO for Christmas next year :-)
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