Thursday, September 15, 2011

7 Months - remember this series?

Remember this series? yeah, the one where I was waking up early and keeping track of how long I've been doing it, and keeping myself accountable? I bet you thought I gave up on it! Nope I remembered and it's actually been on my mind a lot. The last time I posted was 5 months and we were getting ready to move. 6 months came and went, and the 15th (which is the day that I always post) happened to be the day that we drove like 17 hrs in separate vehicles with all our belongings and 2 boys. :) So needless to say, I didn't post that month.

Since then it's been pretty rocky. I'll just be honest and say that I haven't been very good at getting up before the boys the last month or more. :( With Richard not working, there is no reason to run before he leaves, there is no reason to get up early, b/c I don't have that much on my plate so our mornings have been SLOW to say the least. (which is very nice and I'm not complaining). I am a creature of routine and schedules and so even though this little "vacation" has been welcomed in our household we are all ready to get back into the swing of things.
I have been trying to wake up earlier than the boys, and they seem to be purposefully waking each other up the second my bible falls open. :( After hitting the snooze button like 5 times, then getting up and just hoping that this is the morning my boys will sleep until 7:15AM - I've learned that it's probably not going to happen.

So this post is a "get-on-track" post. This week I've been trying to get up early, but today starts the day. I will not hit the snooze button a million times and just plan on boys getting up early. So I need to get up before them.  I hope by 8 months I will be able to report to you that -1. Richard has a job and we are in a routine and 2. I am having that much needed quiet time with my Savior and his Word.

I'm not doing this b/c I feel like it makes me "holier" or a better Christian. I'm doing it b/c I know I need it. If I don't set aside this time in the morning I will go all day with no communion with my God. No reading of  his word to me, and no time to pray and talk with him. That's just how I am, and I know that's how I am. You  might be different. I'm also trying to remember to keep my relationship with him going throughout the day and not just in the morning. But when i get up and refocus my head, drink a cup of coffee and get mentally prepared for the day - My family is much better off!

How have you been doing? let's hope we can make it through the first year together. :) if you haven't kept up with this, there's no better time to start the discipline than now - with me and my new life. :)

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Trina Mayfield said...

I had wondered how you were doing, but I also knew that your schedule was very interrupted this past month. I'm sure once Richard has a job and you're back on a schedule, everything will be more organized and it will be easier to keep up on that discipline. Praying for you - - -

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