Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What can I say??

What can I say??? We've enjoyed an entire full week of grandparents around here! And boy - did we thoroughly ENJOY it!!!!! They were here from a saturday to a saturday and I had our week packed. There was so much to show them, to do, and to talk about!!!! I wanted them to see my world! See my church, meet my friends, see where I go, and what we like, and our life! Plus we had a while to catch up on. Needless to say I think they were happy to hear that Friday morning we could sit around in the morning and relax a little. It was go, go, go. But that's how i roll. And I loved the company all day long! I was with people non stop for a whole week and I loved it! It went by way too fast!

And to top it all off - not only were my parents here, but my younger sister and her baby boy surprised me and drove from IL with my parents. Boy, oh Boy - did that mean a lot to me. I was so thankful for that time with family! I really needed it! I'm ready and refreshed for another stretch of being apart.

None of my family has been out here to see where I live now - and it's been about a year! So it was so cool and refreshing to hear that they can see why we like it! That they can tell we fit in so well! That they like it here! That we made a good decision. And to hear that affirmation that we are in a good place!
My two boys with happy Dominic

At a splash park in Old town

I love taking pictures of my sisters and I with our kids
boy - how we've grown up :)

seriously one of my most favorite pictures EVER!!!!

At the best Bfast place ever!!! Snooze!!!
If you visit me - I will make every effort to take you here!

 Rocky Mountain National Park! And amazing place to go for the day!

So Beautiful!

A picnic!

Then one day we went to a small Petting Zoo - that was perfect for the boys!


Got a girls afternoon out in old Town
And took my mom to a Tea House that
I've been dying to take her too!

And we had a picnic like 4 out of the 5 week days
they were here! B/c that's what I do
So easy, and great for boys to be outside!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Boy Mom Bloghop!

The link tot he blog hop is here over at Boy Mom Bloghop!

Our family
I am so excited about this. A blogger that I follow did a link up with this party and I was so psyched to hear about it. Mostly b/c I know how special it is to be a mom to boys and how different boys are than girls!

My name is Jessica and really the only hobbies I have are running and blogging. I love to run and I love to blog. I have been married for 5 and half years to one of the most amazing men I've ever met, and more than ever recently realize how special he is. And how no other man would ever put up with me. Almost a year ago we completely uprooted ourselves and moved across the country to serve in a church in Fort Collins CO. Richard found a job when we got here and we are settling in very nicely and have wonderful stories of how God protected us and provided for us and guided us and loved us through that transition and hopefully we will remember them for the rest of our lives.

My boys are very full of energy and don't stop going from the moment we wake up to the moment they fall asleep. No matter what I do to "wear" them out - they can run run run, or jump jump jump, or wrestle wrestle, wrestle.  All. day. long. I feel like. They throw anything that is in their hand at any given moment. They stomp, kill or squish any bug or insect in their path. and they will climb or jump any structure in their paths. :)

My oldest is Carson - he is 3 and half years old!

 And then Landon - he will be two in September of this year - so about 22 months old

Right now- I love that they are only 17 months apart.(it wasn't always easy at the beginning but it really is nice now) They play well. We do all toddler things together and it's perfect for both of them! They adore each other. They do also fight - but mostly they don't knwo what to do when the other one isn't around

 I had/have a few mom friends who only have girls or one toddler girl, or a baby - and when we get together they think I'm totally crazy! I can never just sit and talk with them sweetly on my lap like those moms do. And nothing is quiet or calm either! I think b/c I have two of them very close in age - it adds to the "chaos" but boys are always boys. And until you have boys it's hard to understand.
One thing I had to "get over" or learn was not to expect them to act like "girls". They are not being bad when they are throwing things that aren't soft balls in the house, or when they accidently rush by a little girl and knock her over. They are very active boys who do need to learn from those things - but it's ok for that to happen.
And it's totally good and developmentally appropriate for them to be active, to explore, to jump, to run, to throw, to wrestle! They need it and it's good for them!

Sometimes I look at sweet girls and think - oh man! that would be so nice. But really - I would never trade this for the world. The energy they have, the athleticness that both my boys are gaining, the coordination and fun play that they have! I LOVE it! I have grown to fully EMBRACE them and ENJOY them to the fullest! I love having boys! Their joy for life and dirt, cars, trucks, water - it's just so amazing to see the world through their "boy" eyes.

See how sweet they seem :)
But at the same time - I feel so special as their mother and I know as they grow older that will be more and more special. I'm the one that gets to teach them how to treat ladies, how to be men! How to be gentlemen and treat others. As active as they are those moments that they turn to me and hug me, or cuddle, or say "I love you mommy" completely melt my heart! I love that forever I will be their mother who they will always love! It's a big responsibility - but I cannot wait to see what kind of Men God wants them to be! And I'm proud to be their mother!

Every Tuesday and Friday we watch the trash truck come and get our dumpters b/c they love the Trash Trucks! I'm made aware of every tractor, truck, fire truck, or jeep on every road or in parking lots! We don't go anywhere with out a hotwheels car, or a ball. 

watching the trash truck
So happy to read from other moms on this blog party! Boys are unique and I'm so thankful that God has chosen me to raise them.

An Explanation for why I haven't blogged

1. First and number one reason as to why I just haven't felt inspirational or had many things to say on here is - It's Summer time!! HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! who has time to stay tied to a computer inside,  typing things that come to your head when you're outside? Enjoying all things summer around here. Tanning (for me of course), the boys have layers and layers of sunscreen on, pool time, park time, bbq's with friends, mostly just outside as much as possible. If it's super hot - we go to pool. If it's a little milder - we go to parks or friends houses!!! Taking FULL advantage of the summer time around here! complete with plenty of sweat, eating fruit and hardly cooking! (because really - who wants to cook when it's 85 degrees in your apartment - we mainly eat easy meals, or grilled meals!!! yahoo for momma!)  I don't even have time to think about writing a blog post - b/c first thing in the morning I'm cleaning some things up frmo the house and showering from my run and getting things ready and organized for the day. Then 10-11am we're heading out the door SOMEWHERE fun, or wet, or sandy (the parks have sand here). and we're there for a while, through lunch time, then come home just in time for naps. Wake up from naps, head out for a little more, then cook supper, baths (who am I kidding baths are few and far between around here), bed and mommy's pooped!

A wonderful lady from our church has a membership to their neighborhood pool. We live very close to her and she said she never uses it - so she just gave me the key. It's wonderful! The boys love it and it's perfect for us. We still go to our friends pool when we're invited but for other days when we've worn out our welcome we always have this one! And it's great!!!!
Why not put all the chairs in the pool????

This is my view every day we go to the pool. Just perfect in my opinion

one of my favorite pictures of these two!

He is doing much much better lately in the pool
it's a lot more fun now with him :)

2. As I was driving around town running errands one day - I was trying to think the reason why I just felt no desire to blog or sit down and type something, or why I felt like I had nothing to say worth making a blog post about. - and it hit me! The times when I've blogged the most have been in times of transition in our lives or huge changes - whether it was a child being born, or moving across the country. Before and during and after those times of major transition or "instability" have been when I've blogged the most. And I decided blogging for me is therapeutic. It helps me feel connected to people. I love letting my friends and family around the world know what's going on and what we're deciding and doing! I enjoy sitting down and typing things out in my head - and mostly so that people who read it can maybe understand me a little more. Maybe the people who care to read my blog can see and read what I'm feeling and how things are affecting our life and how we are doing. It's my way of coping I guess - with major transition or life change. 
And that all goes to say - I guess we're pretty stable right now. Our major move was almost a year ago now!!!! and I cannot believe it - but we have settled very well here and adjusted very easily and our lives are starting to form here and relationships mostly have been formed and are growing on tons of levels. We enjoy where we are for right now! it's also been a while since we've had a child or been pregnant so we are calmer in that sense as far as transition goes. We are settled right now with the family we have! It's a good place to be - and somewhere we haven't been for a couple years now!

I have two big helpers in my kitchen anytime I want to do anything :)

As you can see - wiped out from the sun, water, and fun
Have I mentioned how much this little guy is a complete "goof ball" with me.
he cracks me up every day. And he talks like crazy now
He is quiet and shy at first - but
if you know him well - he is a little funny guy!

Letting mommy get organized for the day
before we  head out for a day of fun at the pool!
 And other reasons on a much smaller scale 
3. I got a new smart phone and now only do instagram - so if you desire to keep up with me follow @jessgardner2 :)
4.There are hardly ever rainy days here in CO so no days just to sit at home and veg or stay in our pj's during this summer. Taking full advantage of the sunny days here in Colorado.
5. I'm in a book club now - so instead of blogging, I read a real book. Go figure! ??!!! :)

So I've decided - I will not stress about it anymore. I will post when I feel like it. I will write or post pictures when there is time and when I feel inspired. But for now! I'm enjoying so much this 1st sunny summer in colorado and lots of time with family as it is right now. Because I'm sure in the near future there will be transition - b/c we can never stay like this for too long :) And probably then you will hear more from me.
or in the winter when I'm stuck inside - my mind will think about possible blog posts more often.

oh and P.S. I probably still find time to read your blog - b/c I love keeping in touch and I love blogs :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

10 Random Facts Friday!!!!

1. It has been pretty stinkin' hot in CO (and very dry most of the time) and we live on the 3rd floor of a pretty small apartment. We didn't have any ac that worked. But we did have a HUGE unit that mounts into a window, but b/c of size and weight had no way to put it into the window. Well - it was getting a little inbearable so my loving, awesome husband rigged up a set up and now the house gets cooled off and we are much happier in this house! It might be pretty Ghetto - but I don't care - we are a lot more comfortable than we were before!
It might not be completely efficient - but it does
actually work
2. We have new neighbors move in downstairs - I wonder how long we have before they complain about the boys running around all day long???!!!?

3. Landon is now saying 3 words together at a time often and repeats everything we tell him to. i cannot believe the improvement in 6 months! and now I am proud to say as far as communication goes - I've noticed he is far ahead from other kids his age!

4. I really need to go grocery shopping but the last month I have found out I can usually put it off a bunch of days - and I like to think that's saving us  money

5. I joined a book club! The running group I've been a part of starting all reading a book together and last night we got together to "talk" about it! I cannot describe how good this is for me in so many areas. I have friendships with ppl all different ages and backgrounds. I learn so much from them. We have a camaraderie and a unique bond b/c we run together often and push each other. We get together for people's birthdays and now the book club! I've learned so much from them about so many different areas. I just absolutely love it. Now I'm being challenged to read books too outside my normal realm and I really think that is good for me.

6. I'm getting my hair cut today and I am so excited! I've never been so excited. :) It's been since Dec 31st!!! Yes, count that 7 months since I've had it cut - and boy can you tell! My hair is straw like and scraggly - so I think a good hair cut will help me feel so much better.

7. Due to weird sickness (mostly cold-like symptoms) we have not been to a pool since last Friday! boy - that's a long time. :) This momma is in need of some sun rays on her pale-ing skin :) also - I get a lot more cleaning and organizing done when I just stay inside with the boys! I said to richard - when i don't go to the pool so much more gets accomplished around the house! I guess that's what winter is for - cleaning the house from summertime, ha.

8.There is a cooler front moving through this weekend - and we are welcoming it with huge open arms! :)

9. Carson is answering questions we ask him with "yeah, sure". I love it. He is also singing along with the tv and radio now! That makes me so happy!

10. We are throwing around the idea of going camping tonight! I know - normal people would be a whole lot more prepared - but ya know, we're minimalists, easy going, and low maintenance type people - so we don't need a lot of time. :) We'll decide when Richard gets home from work. The weather is the thing that's holding us up on our decision. UGH! It's probably going to rain. But I can't wait to have a family adventure together :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

What our fourth looked like in case anyone wants to know :)

Boy - we had a full day packed with lots of fun.
First off - my 5 K race. (for those of you who ask "how far is 5 Kilometers?" it's 3.1 miles) It was a pretty hot day and I hadn't really been training for speed, but being the competitive self I am, I was still hoping to beat my last time in March. Sadly I was about 6 seconds slower. (which i can justify is still good, b/c it was way hotter and I am not in as good of shape as before :) ) I ran it in 26 min 30 sec  #348 over all  and 14th out of 66 in my age group! That's not too shabby.  I will definitely try to do that one every year. The course was excellent, the community and stuff was great and I really enjoyed that race a lot!

Some of the ladies from my Running group. I've really started to love
my morning runs with them and the social
activities that we do together! I'm so thankful
I found them when we moved here and they are such a good thing
for my soul!
Finishing strong
The there was a fun Kid's run. It's very laid back. And I knew our kids wouldn't have run the whole length so when the kids started coming, we jumped right in and Carson loved it! He was smiling the whole way with his new best friend!!! It was so cute. Landon on the other hand got very overwhelmed running with all the kids and everyone yelling - so I just picked him up and crossed the finish line with him to get a ribbon. But they all loved that they ran across the finish line like "mommy" and then got a prize! (which is more than I got ;) )

I don't know if you can tell - But Carson and his best bud Seth are smiling from ear to ear!
Carson told me he beat Seth - but
the truth is in the Picture! It doesn't look like it carson
But that's ok b/c Seth's dad is a Major fast runner - he ran this race in under 16 min!!!
Their Ribbons
After the race we went out for brunch with some good friends and just enjoyed stuffing oursevles with yummy eggs and pancakes after a hot race. But mostly getting some good coffee in me. :)

We came home for naps - but later in the afternoon we were invited to 2 different big bbq's. can you ask for something more fun to do on July 4th - and we had 2 to boot!!! We enjoyed food and company at both of them thoroughly!
This was our food at one of the places. Crazy!

 Then we went to one of the only local showings of fireworks in the area (due to the major dry situation and fires going on). People we warning us that it would be crazy b/c it was the only ones going in the area - but it was nothing we weren't used to for 4th of July fireworks. we really enjoyed ourselves as a family and the boys loved it so so much!  I'm thankful for this wonderful day where Richard got paid to play with us all day and be a family!!!!  

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