Sunday, November 29, 2009

More things

I didn't want to put everything into one post for fear that people will thing it's too long and then not read the whole thing.

The other weekend we also got to see the Scranton Santa Parade. it was much better than the St. patrick's day (mostly b/c there wasn't drunk people everywhere :-)) We met some of our good friends the Vandalens and had a great time there with them. Carson didn't really care about any of it, but it's still free and something fun to do as a family. :-)
The month of November is also the month we celebrate our anniversary. (November 25th) We have been married now 3 years. I couldn't be happier with Richard. We love marriage (at least so far) and honestly so far having Carson has just made our love grow maturer and stronger for eachother. Richard constantly shows me unconditional love. He makes me feel secure (as secure as a human can) and is so good to me, I always feel like I don't deserve him, he always puts me first. He loves me even though I have a lot of quarks about me. :-) We have our "moments" and most of them i think have to do with Seminary related things, but even in those difficult times Richard shows me his unconditinoal love. I just hope that I can show him the same thing and make him as happy as he makes me. :-)
For thanksgiving we went to Jerelyn's house, she lives 3 hrs away. So wed after we both finished work we packed up the car again and took a drive to her house. This was our actual anniversary so we stopped and ate out at a "nicer" restaurant. Carson is on a good schedule, but is also very flexible when he has to be, so that is so nice. He does wonderful when we eat at restaurants and just sits in the highchair and chats with us. :-)

Jerelyn and I did the big thanksgiving meal and her in laws came (who i think have to be some of the nicest and thoughtful people I know). Mrs. kurty brought some things and I cooked teh turkey and stuffing and Jerelyn did the mashed potatoes and green beans. It was fun doing that with jerelyn. the food all turned out wonderful and we had a great meal. She has 2 kiddos now and it was so fun with the 3 boy cousins. Her house is layed out so nicely for kids. Wide open spaces and lots of toys. Carson didn't whine or complain one bit the entired weekend. he loved being there and Daniel was so good with him and theyn just played togerther a lot. It's fun to be in this stage together with our children. We both are pretty layed back about our kids too so we just had a wonderful relaxing time. Richard did a little school work and helped bryan out with a project on the house. Richard and I did do a little black Friday shopping (but just for one thing and then came back to bed) but we did get what we went out for so that was good. later on Friday Mrs. Kurty came and watched the boys during nap time while jerelyn and I went shopping. Neither of us are big shoppers so it was fun just to go peruse around without kids and spend time together.

We left on Saturday morning and met up with some wonderful friends of ours that used to live here in Scranton, but moved away, but were in the area for thanksgiving. So we spend a little bit of time with them, and then drove home. We stopped for some shopping on our way home and I got a few more christmas presents and then got home. Carson did pick up a cold, but b/c we did stay in the house most of the weekend, he didn't get off his schedule too much, so it shouldn't be hard this coming week. I'm always a little nervous about taking trips but Carson constantly shows me how great of a kiddo he is. :-)

Carson is crawling and standing and moving around so much. He babbles all day long (and sometimes even says "dadda" although not intentionally. Everyday his personality develops a little more and Richard and I are amazed at how much fun we have with our little family.

We love traveling around and seeing and visiting people, but were just saying how much we love coming home to our house as a family at the end. But now we have 3 weeks left in the semester and Richard has a lot of homework to do in these next 3 weeks. So no more fun and games and trips. I will be busy with baking, shopping, decorating and fun things like that while Richard plugs along in his school work. Hopefully I can find enough things to distract me from distracting Richard. December is really fun month, but also lots of things to do and remember to do. :-) God is so good to us to let us enjoy things in this life. God keep our focus on you and your plan for us and the world. Teach us to love you more every day.

Month of November

So Life just keeps plugging along. Sometimes when i stop and take a step back and look at my life - i wonder how do i ever get frustrated or anxious about things - we have a great life and God really shows himself faithful. Sometimes it feels pointless to be here in Scranton when seminary is slow going or seemingly endless, but God in his sovereignty planned for me to marry Richard who is the epidemy of patience (especially compared to me) and Richard just has to remind me of the greater goal for our lives and how much this really is preparing us for the rest of our lives. He has truly given us everything we need and blesses us daily.
God has placed us into a wonderful church - although at first not exactly what we had expected but as we spend more time there, we really are growing to love it and feel a part of a church body where the purpose is being accomplished for what the church was meant to be. It just requires patience. :-)
The middle of November we took a very fast trip to MA. I have a lot of family there and that is where we got married so we have quite a few friends there. My cousin is having a baby and they had a shower there, so we left as soon as we could after work on friday and drove the 5 hrs to MA. We stayed with my Auntie Terre and we always love seeing her and spending time with her and she is so so fun and thinks of so many fun things to do for guests. She planned the shower with some other poeple from church and Saturday morning I went with Carson to the shower. That turned out to be a great time for me to see people from the church and for them to see Carson for the first time. I didn't hold him the whole time b/c other people did and he had a a great time time with all the strangers and didn't mind a bit. He is so fun to have around.

After the shower was over we went to visit some friends of the family, the hilperts, and had a great time showing off carson. And in the evening we went to my very dear friend's house Lydia Marvin. We have been friends since we were kids and through all of my moving and traveling we have stayed close. We got married less than a month apart and we love love love eachother and the friendship that we have. :-)
Needless to say Carson didn't really sleep all day, except for the blurps of the car rides, but he was so jolly and in a good mood all day and laughing all the time. Sunday we went to church and again saw a lot of people that we used to know well. Carson did great in the nursery with strangers. Then we went to macaroni grill with my Auntie Terre and my cousin and wife. We can't wait until the baby comes and we are so excited for them, they will be great parents.
That afternoon after visiting Lydia's mother went packed up and came home. whew fast trip but very well worth it.
Carson got to meet Great Grampie Spence too and I'm so thankful that Grampie could meet him.
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