Friday, September 16, 2011

10 Random Friday Thoughts

1. Look at this road. This is our Road right outside our apartment complex.Look at how wide it is!!!! There is a car lane and a bike lane and a parking lane on BOTH sides of this yellow line. Now this road is no more "important" to the city that the road we moved from in PA but it is like 5 x's the size/width. I'm not being one ounce sarcastic here either!!!! That is one of the biggest difference here in Fort Collins. The Roads are SO WIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 2. Boys love to throw rocks in water -

3. This lake/reservoir is like literally 15-20 min from our house and so perfect to go to

 4. I absolutely find satisfaction in being the mother of this family!!!!!
 5. Landon is standing all by himself often, but has no intention of taking a step yet

 6. Like father- like son! They could've both thrown rocks into the water all day long!

 7. Carson loved looking for grasshoppers and hopping next to them as they hopped away from him! (did I mention this place is plagued with grasshoppers????)

Landon was really tired at the end of our little
8. The people are so nice here  (I think I've mentioned that before too)- at the bank when I walked in, there was a greeter who actually filled out a deposit slip for me! Almost a little too nice!!!!!!
9. We hope that Richard will start working next week for one of two companies that are interested in him! I'll be sure to update as we find out!
10. Did you notice my cool new birthday running shorts :) I wish I could wear them every day!

And a ps b/c I just wanted to add - we are really enjoying all this family time together. As stressed or "weird" it is to wait for a job to fall into place - we are spoiled to have Richard will us all day every day (except when he's at a job interview or a meeting of some kind for the church) and I say every day - we really need to just relax and enjoy this together as a family in Colorado - b/c in about 6 months we will be longing for this again!


The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

I've heard about the grasshoppers in another post and I think that is so interesting and crazy weird! I love the new shorts! Your boys look like they were having a blast! That so exciting that Landon is standing! Good perspective on Richard being home! Love ya

Trina Mayfield said...

Although your thoughts were random, I still LOVED reading them! It sounded like how you would share your thoughts when we're together!!! And, it's nice getting some different things about your new life and piecing everything together. We're still praying for the job situation! LOVE YOU - - -

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