Monday, September 24, 2012


Although my boys will probably never refer to themselves as BFF's, I sure hope that they continue in their relationship towards that end. Lately since Landon has been communicating so much more, Carson and him are having full conversations together. They play together all the time. The playing is mostly Landon following Carson around doing everything he does or everything he says to do. But it is so wonderful to see. I might have said this before on this blog - but it's ok to repeat it - "I love that my boys are so close together right now". Sure we had our moments of it being hard at the beginning - but boy - is it so much fun having two toddler boys at the same time. I love seeing their relationship develop now as individuals and as brothers. I hope, like most mothers, that they will always get along and be close. Don't get me wrong, our days are filled with fits, whining, disobeying - but overall we really have fun playing all boy things and being able to do the same activities together. If you told me a year ago that it would be like this now, I don't know that I would've believed you - but it is so wonderful to see that we are at this stage.

I know I've said before on this blog that I'm always looking forward to the next stage and the next milestone - I think more than ever though, right now I don't want them to grow older. I love the stage they are in now. I'm dreading sending Carson off to school and that routine and schedule being forced on us. I am really just trying to enjoy each day here with them - b/c it seems so close to the future that it will change. And right now - I love having our days pretty much free (although we are super busy, but I get to dictate it) and just having fun all playing together and enjoy their boyhood.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Elk Bugling

Here in good ol' Colorado there is a tradition among many to go and watch the elk fight each other and listen to the male's bugling calling for their "woman". hahahaha

It's something that I wanted to do last year but we didn't have a chance, so this year I was determined to go and see them.  Sunday afternoon we drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park and drove to "the meadow" around dusk or a little before and just sat there with a bunch of other random people waiting to hear the elk and just watching them.  It was amazing to see so many elk in one meadow. There was quite a few bulls out in the meadow and a bunch were big and had there harems. Just after the sun went behind the mountains they started to do their calling. if you've never heard it before - it's so unique and amazing and hard to explain and totally unexpected to come from such an animal.

It was so cool to sit there and hear them calling. See the "cows" (female elk) wandering around, then watch as a different bull got close to it, the "master" chasing it away. So neat to watch them move about the meadow in their clans and how the bulls protected their harem. Far in the distance we saw two bulls fighting each other. And after it got too dark to see we could tell another set was fighting - and you could faintly hear their racks clanging together.

There is a bull way off in the distance

There is a harem

 So cute to hear Carson get so excited to see them walking about. Almost every time one would bugle Carson and Landon would both imitate it, and they were pretty close. even the people around us were amazed at how close it was to the actual noise.

If you're interested at all - here is a link to a short clip on you tube of an elk bugling so that you know what it sounds like. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Once again - God Provides

I had fully intended on writing tonight about our great family outing in the mountains that we had this past Sunday - but I think that will have to wait for another evening.

Today - i feel spent emotionally for some reason. Things have been "heavy" here. I'm debating about whether or not to even write about this, b/c I fear I won't word it correctly or it won't come across how I want it to come across.

The main point I want to come across is - God provides, and always will. He loves us, takes care of us and gives us everything we need. I had a Realmoms (sorta like a MOPS group) today and was so encouraged  by the Word that was brought forth. The speaker spoke from John 4 about the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus approached her which was looked down on in that culture. But he promised her the Living water - that he alone could satisfy her inner "soul thirst". Jesus, the God-man and also Jesus - the gospel, is all we need. He can satisfy everything. Through believing that I am a sinner, that God forgave me b/c of Christ's death on the cross and atoning work, and my believing by faith - I can be fully satisfied by God's wonderful grace bestowed on me. In my mothering, in our finances, in my marriage, in my friendships - all of these things - I can be satisfied through the Living Water.

Richard's work has been very up and down lately. We are praying hard about it. We want to be wise. If this new company he is working for succeeds there is great potential, but how long can we wisely endure these dry times with no work. anyways - long story short. A few months back our faith in God's provision was tested farther than it has been in our marriage, and just when we were getting our feet back under us - work has literally died completely down again. I say this not for pity - but b/c I cannot believe the ways that God has shown his love to us through these times.

The past few months I have been praying that somehow some sort of way for me to make some extra income would come about; without me having to sacrifice time away from my kids too much and without Richard having to pick up an extra part time job. (he is busy as it is, and we do not want work and making money to take away from our ministry at the church, it's a hard balance). I sorta thought an opportunity like this was outrageous and what could possibly come about?  But through wonderful circumstances - in the last week - I now am going to be nannying for a little baby and tutoring a high school kid in Spanish. Can you believe it!!!??!! I cannot! The two things I wanted to do and knew I could without sacrificing my family - and that is exactly what happened!
These two things - and a few other little gifts or ways people have blessed us - are such an encouragement to my soul and heart. I'm weepy tonight thinking about how I had little faith and worried and was anxious, but how God in his great love - is blessing us and pouring his Grace on us.

These seasons of life - make us draw near to him, cling to Him.
But just as in Matthew 6 Jesus states why we worry or fret - b/c even the birds are fed, and the lillies are "dressed" so will he provide for us. Our Heavenly Father knows that we have need of these things - and he will provide for us!
I do not need to worry about clothing or food or God providing for our needs b/c he has promised he alone will satisfy me and he will provide for what I need!
Also tonight I was encouraged by Phil 4:6-7 - do not be anxious, but by prayer and pettition with thanksgiving - take your requests to God, and the peace which surpasses all understanding will fill my heart and mind! That is a promise!

Please be encouraged!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Landon turns 2!!!!

Landon - my dear Landon!
Such a precious little buddy, so easy going and corky and funny and goofy. But cuddly and loving and shy at the same time. I love that he only shows his true personality with people that he feels comfortable with. I love the contrast of this from his brother. He is a sweet little guy - and full of life. Very reserved at first - but once he knows you he is goofy and funny and a show off.
He imitates literally EVERYTHING his brother does and says.
Today at his doctors appointment he is way beyond the normal level with communication. It was incredible to see from a year ago when he started to fall way behind in that area, and now to see how far he has come!  He literally says everything to me, pretty much complete sentences with correct pronouns and prepositions. A lot of times I do still translate for other people but that's to be expected. Some of the sounds he says differently Like "c's and g's he says as "t's". But that's pretty normal.  I cannot say enough about how thankful I am that we did speech therapy with him. He has blossomed into a cute little guy that talks non stop now. :) He absolutely loves his brother and father. I can't get over how much he loves their company and when they do stuff with him. I hope it always stays that way.
He is a little stubborn guy - but I find he gets away with more b/c he's so funny and goofy while he's being stubborn. That's probably a bad thing.

One funny thing that happens between the two of them constantly - whenever I ask "who did that?" or something like that - the both answer that the other one did it, immediately before they have time to even think about it. Or "who wants this" they always say the other one's name immediately. It cracks me up!

While we were in Grand Junction last weekend we took the opportunity to celebrate his birthday with family! It was a great time and I think he was confused that it was his birthday for like a week straight!
Great Grandma and Great Grandpa

I had a proud momma moment this night b/c he was awesome opening his presents
He was so happy and surprised and pleased with all the gifts. Gave awesome reactions for all the family to appreciate. And he even went to everyone and thanked them when I asked him to. Wow! That is a miracle and I did enjoy it and burn it into my memory b/c it was rare!


See I told you - a total Goof!
 One of the traditions we have tried to do with our kiddos is the day of their actual birthday take them out for donuts. So on September 8th guess what we did. Woke up super early and headed to the only donut shop in town! (and we were lucky to be able to enjoy it with Grammie and Grampie too!!!!!)


The night of his birthday he asked for Pizza ( I think he basically says anything I offer first :) )
And Gramie couldn't go without him having a cake on his actual day! So of course we celebrated his birthday with cake one more time. :) He had a great day! We all made him feel extra special and really were just all so happy that Landon is part of this family! :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Then and Now

Like I said in the previous post -
Richard had taken me to the Arches National Monument our Senior year of college when we were dating on our spring break. While we were there this past weekend we wanted to try to re-enact some of the poses. :) It was fun trying to get similar ones. :)


2006 -Funny Picture to me - b/c this year I couldn't remember and
said - surely I didn't go out there to that point. But here is proof
that back when I was trying to impress Richard
I went out there where now that it's been almost 6 yrs of marriage
he couldn't get me to do it. ha





 I wonder in 6 years if we will go back again - but with the boys next time :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The low down from our Amazing trip!

I know many of you are completely "over" hearing about my incredible birthday weekend and would like me to stop bragging about it - but hey - it's my blog, so I'm going to write about it. If you follow me on FB or instagram hopefully this will sum things up for you better instead of just glimpses from pictures. :)

My husband is totally amazing and knows me so well. He knew that since we were dating our last spring break of college I've always wanted to go back to Arches National Monument outside of Moab Utah.

So here's the rundown of how our weekend went - :)

Friday - we left after Richard got done work and drove about 6 hours (supposed to be 5, but traffic was a little bad) to Grand Junction

Saturday - My Birthday - woke up for a nice leisurely 4 mile run at sunrise. Then packed up, and filling a million water bottles up and headed out to Moab Utah. (said goodbye to the boys, and they stayed with their grandparents. We are so thankful for a great relationship - they love our children and our children are so comfortable with them)

Got to The Arches National Monument around 1pm. Stopped in at visitor Center and got our backcountry permit to be able to camp. This park is basically in the dessert so water was a big commodity. At first we hiked to a few of the arches that are easily accessible and not long/hard hikes at all.
Balanced Rock

Just completely Amazing
  Around 4pm we parked our car in the designated spot and got our packs ready and said goodbye to the car. And started on our journey
all ready to go with tons of water on our backs
We hiked about 2 miles off the beaten path and found a great spot to camp.
This picture below was on the hike to our spot. Such beautiful scenery that went for literally tons and tons of miles

so vast!!!! (but very dry)

The slick rock terrain

 Once we got our camp all set up - we set our packs down and went for another hike down to a canyon we could see and sat there for a while just taking in the beauty of it all

 At our camp site cooking our dinner, aka - cans of soup heated on a tiny flame
 This was the sun setting behind the camera but the rays were shooting across the whole valley. IT was amazing. But this was also the time I started getting really  nervous.
 I'm not gonna lie - I don't like the dark hours of the night when we are out all by ourselves away from security of other people around, or some sort of vehicle or structure for protection. There were storms all around us we could see and I was completly paranoid that one of those huge rays of lightening was going to hit us - but they stayed far away. And it was super windy until about 11pm. Once the winds calmed down it was bright full moon out and calm. But still I kept saying "I would give anything to be back at the car right now! drinking water gallore and sleeping inside something other than this tent." "I almost convinced Richard to hike out that late at night, but ultimately knew I would be so happy if I made it through. And would regret not making it through the night. So I counted down the hours until we started to see this ---------
Absolutely gorgeous and so beautiful. And I was right - so happy I stayed through the night and did it. (I don't feel that way at all when we're car camping or with other people, it's the solitude and no security of a vehicle in case of disaster, and only through the dark hours)
happy the sun came up :)

Our hearty Breakfast

Notice the bright moon as the sun is coming up

And that my friends - off in the distance is our car :)
Something I was happy to see :) 

We hiked out early after packing up our camps. (our backpacks were much lighter after drinking a lot more water) Thankfully we only saw the tracks of snakes on the sand, but did not come across any. I probably would've died! 
We had many more arches and hikes to do that morning. It was much easier knowing we had plenty of water left and seeing some faucets of water to fill up if we needed.

Don't mind the sweat - it was super hot! Give me a break :)

We hiked for a few more hours. Making sure we were going fast enough on the hikes that no one passed us and trying to pass as many people as we could to make sure we got our exercise in and stayed young. (I am 28 now after all :) hehehe)

After we were done hiking for the day - we got our hotel room in the town of Moab. How wonderful to finally wash the sweat off my face from 2 days of hiking in the dessert with little water and to brush my teeth. The water running over my whole body and the water I drank all afternoon felt so amazing! WE were of course starving also - so we went to the Moab Brewery (for old times sake, remember that Lydia?? ) with all the old people (I think we were there before 5pm) and gorged ourselves with wonderful food. 

 The next morning, Labor Day morning we woke up and went to an awesome Restaurant recommended by one of my running buds - and had the most amazing omlet I've ever eaten. (now I don't usually enjoy too many omlets so that's not comparing that many of them). Amazing! Roasted red peppers, basil aoili, tomatoes and mozarella cheese! Mouth watering

Then we were reunited with our boys around noon or a little after on Labor Day!

I harp on this a lot - but I cannot say enough how precious that time away with the man of my life and best friend is. I kept saying over and over how thankful I am that we are together. That he is my husband. I enjoy the time with him. We enjoy each other, we enjoy doing things together. I cannot imagine doing life with anyone else. I am blessing beyond measure and weekends like this make me realize that so much more. 
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