Friday, March 30, 2012

10 random Facts Friday (Dedicated to twins)

1. It's the sorta relationship that you have basically primarily through texts (b/c you both have 2 rowdy boys who know the second you get on the phone to talk)
2. It's been week full of little sleep, whiny sick boys, coughing fits
3. it's when you feel like you've given to others to help encourage and there is nothing left for your day.
4. It's that moment you text your twin "I'm tired of mothering"
5. and her text back makes you feel like the most special person in the entire world. it's the one thing you needed to refresh and pick yourself up and face those whiny kids and the doc apt ahead.
6. It's the fact that she has 2 sick boys, and she knows the highs and lows of motherhood.
7. She doesn't judge you at all for that honest text - and she says the right thing back to you.
8. And it helps you more than anything else someone says. b/c you know she is being honest, and she understands life, and she knows your heart!
9. Its an irreplaceable relationship (and it wasn't always like this)
10. It's a little of God's grace being poured out in my life and his loving kindness being shown through one of His daugthers.

Our 4 boys last Summer

Thanks Jerelyn!!!!!

P.S. I also have a younger sister who is equally as encouraging and a blessing to my soul!!!!! Thanks Juli!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

everyone should do it!

So in fear that I will do what I hate other people do (that is coming across like everyone has to do things how I do them) - i want to tell everyone how important it is to make special time with your husband. Now i will preface it saying that I don't care if you date nights look completely different than mine or somehow you have to be creative and do things way different - the key that I want to make is that it is really important to keep your relationship with your hubby first and foremost and "on fire" throughout life. Now I only have 2 kids - but I understand how hard it is to get away.  We have never lived closed to grandparents and have always had little family close by to help with babysitting, so we have had to be creative. But one thing is for sure - we always make sure we take time away from our kids and to enjoy each other. Do you realize how much easier it is to have a conversation without kids around??? Do you know how much easier it is for me to talk to Richard about all my deepest thoughts about God, life, kids, myself, him when there isn't the dirty house, lists to make for the next day, or bills to work on staring at me in the face??? I've written about it here on this blog a few times. But I just can't stress how important it is to get that time away.

I know it gets hard and can be expensive to find babysitters. I know nursing babies can be demanding and schedules get so full and work is crazy! Believe me - we are there and have been there. But one thing I appreciate about Richard is that he wants to be with JUST me and helps me make it happen.

Sometimes I do feel spoiled because we get away for an evening at least once a month and if it's longer time in between I start feeling antsy - and you might say I'm lucky or my situation is easier - but the truth is - we really have to work at getting it worked out! We switch with other families (but that requires us being willing to help them out and watch their kids - which is perfect to me, we help someone else out), we sacrifice to pay and ask people to babysit hoping they aren't annoyed we asked them, we research for cheap things to do.  We make it a priority!
and we never regret it! even though almost every time I tell Richard I feel bad leaving the boys, or hope they do ok, or hope the people are ok with it! Or I wonder if we should just try another time because I'm tired or boys had a rough day. Every single time I have enjoyed myself - I come back feeling so refreshed and Richard and I are more in love with each other. 
it's so important to keep that "flame burning" and I realize it's best for the kids too! Now there are seasons that are busier than others, or you have a newborn, or there's no extra money whatsoever, or you just moved and don't know anyone ;) , but the longer you keep making excuses the longer you will go without having that special time with your man. there is no excuse - there are so many options you can do!  (and just for all you local people that may perhaps read this - I would love to help you guys out watching your kids for free just so you can have this time with your husband)

So go and plan a date night that you will both enjoy! Figure it out! GO and ENJOY!

I'm attending a Woman's Bible Study that is on the Book An Excellent Wife. Our pastor's wife leading it, gives little homework every week to do or to discuss with your husband. she gave us 2 weeks for us wives to plan a date night for our husbands- all geared for him! What fun it was. here's our night in recap!

First we went to the Driving Range! Our friends gave us their "key" so Richard could hit for as long as he wanted. I sat like a good trophy wife (ha) on the side in the grass reading a book, or taking videos of him (so he can critique his swing) and did not hurry him and let him enjoy golf! usually he is always rushing trying to get home to help me or feels bad leaving me again! But that night - he could hit as many balls as he wanted and take as long as he wanted

Then we went to a great Mexican Restaurant nearby - because what Colorado Native doesn't like Mexican food! this was an awesome place, and they advertised that everyone thing was from scratch and homemade - and it did taste amazing!

 After Dinner we drove up to watch the sun set at Horsetooth reservoir and just chat about our lives and connect with each other!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham Birthday Party

We started off his birthday the best way possible!
On our way to drop Rich off at work we got donuts! Like
any 3 year old would love!

Goofy face with daddy at the donut shop!
 Then we took a trip to the park!
What boy doesn't love the slides, sand, swings and friends!

The Next day was CELEBRATION day!
what fun we had thinking of ideas to go with the theme
and putting it together.
Simple but sweet! :)

Green eggs and Ham!
One of his favorite books!

Richard's idea! I thought it was so cool! with minimal work for me :)

All the Food

The Inspiration for he party!

One of his good friends - Noah

sticky hands - kids loved them!

Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy!

And some special Mommy/Son Pics!
What a handsome little man!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Carson Turns 3

I cannot believe I have been a mother for 3 years. In fear of sounding trite and using phrases that are overused regarding mothers and children I want to tell you all what an amazing little boy he is turning into.
I have seen tenderness and sweetness starting to creep up in his little personality. The way he asks to cuddle, the way he is concerned about Landon's whereabouts, his desire for hugs and kisses! even the way he asks for me to just sit on the couch with him or play a game with him! I wish I could video tape how excited he gets when we meet up with one of his friends from church! UTTER and PURE JOY! overcome him and he is jumping up and down and excited! But if you have entertained him in any way - he will for sure show the same excitement in seeing you as he does for his little friends! I have said this before - but I will say it again - he has a way of making anyone feel like the most special person in the world to him! I am honored and blessed to be his mother b/c he shows all of his love on his sleeve and tells me often! He notices when people don't "pay attention" to him - even complete strangers! He desires that social and personal interaction with others and I know that God can use that in glorious ways! He is active and agile and coordinated! He is SUPER energetic. At first I wanted to change that and I saw how overwhelming it was to others that I thought I should change it. I've learned to embrace it! Not to squelch it! That energy is a good thing! and he puts his ALL into everything he does!

Carson has taught me how much i don't know about mothering. But at the same time I think I've learned and grown so much in my parenting because of him. Things I didn't understand or judged about other parents before I had my own - I learned through having him are just a way of life with active kids. And to be gracious to others. I have been humbled and rebuked many times! and I'm thankful for that!

As we celebrate his day today - I want him to feel loved and special. And not in the way that he can do whatever he wants and act how he wants or about the possessions/toys he gets or that he can be selfish - but I want him to know how loved he is, how much he's changed my life, and how special of a boy he really is!!!!!!

I will give a little synopsis of Carson's life in pictures! What a truly amazing little boy I have - and I look forward to what comes in the many more years with him! Here is his birth story in case you want to read about that. In looking through these one theme I pick up - he is so smiley and happy! Truly a blessing to show such happiness and love about life. I hope he never forgets that and he can always enjoy life and activities and people to their fullest!!!!!

One of my favorite pictures of him a day old!

One of his first smiles! and he never stopped!

By default he will always be a Broncos Fan

His first Birthday!

He welcomed his baby brother
and always shows him brotherly love

One of my favorite pics of these two

Easter 2011
2nd Birthday!

Look at that animation

Christmas 2011

Most recent picture of my 3 year old!!!!

Off to Donuts
Hot Dogs/Mac and Cheese
Toy store 
Movie and Roasted marshmallows 
in the fireplace
for the day!

And party preparations for tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Looking Back

I have been reflecting a lot lately. For two reasons: 1. Carson is turning 3 this Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UM yeah! Can you believe it!!??!!??! and 2. our computer's screen saver run through our pictures file and I find myself just stopping and watching it for like 10 min as it scrolls through random pictures of our lives and mostly our kids lives. I can't believe how life goes so fast. (the minutes and days go by so slow but the years go by so so fast!!!)

I've been trying to come up with a good post for Carson's birthday but everything I want to write seems cheesy and mundane and I can't come up with anything creative - stay tuned :)

Today I've been battling - keeping every thought captive. 2 Corinthians 10:5! Speaking truth to myself. Knowing that no matter what I perceive in others and how they treat me - I am loved by a pure and Holy God and he loves me perfectly and unconditionally - and it's not because of anything I did!  So why be depressed when a person didn't invite me somewhere. Or why worry if I'm doing enough and helping other's enough. Relax and ENJOY God's goodness and love to me - and let that be the overflow of my love towards others!

Ps. 33: 18-22
18 But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, 
   on those whose hope is in his unfailing love, 
19 to deliver them from death 
   and keep them alive in famine.
 20 We wait in hope for the LORD;
   he is our help and our shield.
21 In him our hearts rejoice,
   for we trust in his holy name.
22 May your unfailing love be with us, LORD,
   even as we put our hope in you.

And today we got tons of sunshine all morning! And I leave with pictures of our morning. Can you see how big Carson is???!!!???? He is no longer a toddler - officially a little boy :( 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patty's Day

We celebrated St Patrick's Day in true form in honor of our "heritage" that we have from living in Scranton. We just can't ignore this holiday once you lived there b/c Scranton, my friends, goes ALL OUT when it comes to this holiday!!!! One of the biggest parades ever (and longest). 

I've talked a little here about my first half Marathon race coming up next month. I'm so nervous and will probably always question if I am capable of doing it or not! But in the meantime I decided to do this fun, fund-raiser 5k race just for kicks. I'm already in running condition so why not! This is the first 5k that I've done where I've been doing double or more in my daily runs. So I was wondering how fast I could do it. My goal for the race was all 3 miles under 9 min each! And guess what - the average time was 8:30 min/miles and total time was 26 min 24 sec! I was stoked. 

The Venue was not even close to big
enough for as many people as came out for the
race! So crowded everywhere!!!!

My poor two boys get dragged out to these races and never
seem too thrilled about it!

Me and my wonderful supportive Husband

AHHHHH - so crowded!!!!! 2800 people trying to fit into a tiny place
and race on a tiny course!
Coming into the finish! so many people!!!! and notice the 7yr old boy
keeping up with me! yeah - makes me feel real good!
 And I just want to add! We have made wonderful friends here. One family in particular just moved into the area shortly after we did. They have started attending our church and we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them and building our friendship. They have 2 children very close to the same age as our children.
The point of me telling you this is - Paul is an amazing runner!!! I mean very very fast and very good! Like he finished 3rd american in the Boston marathon last year - and he went to the Houston Olympic trials this year. Anyways - he WON the whole race!!! 2800 racers and he beat them all!!!!!!!! And we know him and he is our friend!!!!! He has been so supportive and helpful with my training too! I wanted to get a picture with him just to say I know him - but I don't think he would've appreciated that - he's so not-cocky about his ability! and probably won't even be thrilled with the fact that I wrote about him. ha!
Richard was amazing and took a picture of this! Who does this????!!!?? A man
dressed in this suit just walking around!!!!??? CRAZY!!!
 After the race we walked to Old Town and enjoyed a nice beautiful sunny St. Patrick's day Parade as a family! It was so much fun! And Carson loved watching all the things walk down and was so excited about eating tons of candy ;)
as good as we could get :(

So sunny - hard to get a good picture!

Watching in awe
and eating a year's worth of candy :)
 Yeah - needless to say Landon was tired!
He looks irish to me though! Look at that red hair
and that white belly :)
And that my friends was an amazing and satisfying St. Patrick's day spent with family and friends!
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