Monday, September 5, 2011

All New things

Today I think I got a little too ambitious. Potty training has been one of the things that I have dreaded the most so far about parenting. I've watched as others have potty trained their kids. I've tried to talk to a few people about how/what they did. I talked to my sister, I learned about "potty training in a day" and just was not looking forward to it and felt like it was this huge goal that was soooo unattainable.
My original goal was to potty train this summer, then we decided to move across the country and thought I should probably wait until we get settled. Since we've been here I've gotten to my breaking point with diapers for him, and I thought maybe he was ready. So last week we got a "potty seat" and one package of undies. This morning I just took out the potty and told him to sit there and "go on the potty" and we  were started in it "ready or not". He didn't seem to mind and while he sat there watching tv and drinking and eating he seemed to be fine. he did go a few times. Then we had to run to the store, b/c I happened to be having company that night too. The realization that i just started this big project without really preparing mentally for it scared me to death. What do I do to go to the store? What do I do for nap time? What do I do for bedtime? What if he has accidents? WOW! it's pretty overwhelming to me not knowing how it really works.
Landon is also in a transition period. I decided to stop doing baby food and start figuring out "real" food for him. I cooked carrots and some mixed veggies and am cutting up fruit for him, and giving him milk in a sippy cup! He seems to be doing ok, but not great. I think he's sad he doesn't get his spoonfuls of food. he seems to be fighting me a little with it.

today I feel overwhelmed - missing friends, not knowing where I will fit in here, trying to potty train, trying to take care of my house and children, trying to not worry about a job, and craving social gatherings.

I'm not old - but one thing I've learned in my life is that everything is a phase. i need to be patient and relax about it. Kids always go through phases. Carson will eventually pee by himself. Landon will eventually eat normal food. I will eventually have close friends here. Richard will get a job. We will soon be busier than we want to be with people and church and community.

Claiming truth tonight and asking for patience to get through this introductory time in our lives. I know God loves me and is taking care of me. i know he will be glorified in me.  Maybe I was a little too ambitious - but I've reached the point of no return. Tomorrow is another day.

P.S. I'm pleased with how potty training went today. He told me when he had to go all but one time today. he was using his little seat and excited about it. I want to be successful and be able to tell everyone I did it in one day and he got it. But i can't put those things on myself. he understands it, we will go at it again tomorrow. He will get it eventually - but I am pleased that he only had one accident today.

Pss - Company was great! Dinner tasted good. and we enjoyed visiting with new friends and getting to know them. I'm so glad they came over.


doddyj said...

such an encouraging post. thanks Jess. You've been a great reminder that there are always things to be thankful for, even when life feels incredibly overwhelming. I remember those potty training feelings SO clearly after you described them. Going to the store IS overwhelming, so you aren't alone! But eventually, you'll look back and think it was a breeze (just like having a baby - ha!). :)

The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

Jess, it sounds like your off to a great start! Potty training is overwhelming. It seems to be more mental than anything else. I remember that i had a towel in Danny's carseat in case of accidents and always had a pare of new clothes in the already filled diaperbag. He will get it :-) You have the right perspective and don't let the little things bother you. Love ya and miss ya!!

melinda said...
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Trina Mayfield said...

Just remember, Carson will get it (before he's 10 for sure!:-)) and Landon will be eating food (before he's 5 for sure), so don't stress out about the day to day. I know you already know this, but I just thought I'd remind you. (I'm your mother so I can give reminders!) It sounds like he did great on the first day and I hope he's still doing well.

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