Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meghan Osborne

I can't believe it's been 6yrs. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was so young and not ready for it at all!. I was roommates and soccer team mates with a wonderful Meggo - she, I felt, took me under her wing and showed me a lot about truly searching the scriptures and context and making my faith my own and learning. she was very smart and very mindful of theology and didn't believe it women dumbing down the Bible for themselves. She was so unique about so many things and so honest with herself and us about her weaknesses. Such a good leader. She died in a terrible car accident with another girl 6 yrs ago. The reality of our lives after death in heaven was so real to me after that. I learned so much about the Hope we have as believers and the grace that God gives through our lives. Even though we were sad b/c our good friend and mentor and soccer team mate was not with us - we were so happy for her to be with her father who we all knew she lived for and loved and looked forward to the day she was with him. even today my heart is heavy thinking about everything - but at the same time so excited to see her one day in heaven and thankful God did bring her into my life to show me what it's like to live the Christian life following God with all your heart.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Marriage Conference

This past weekend Richard and I went to a marraige conference that the seminary put on for us. We didn't know if we should go and went back and forth, but we finally went- Boy I'm glad we did too. The topic was on Solomon's song. It was so neat to go through the book and see how we are meant to enjoy and love this gift and reward of marriage. It was only one night a camp down in the pocono area. There was only 4 other couples plus the speaker and his wife and another teacher at the seminary with his wife. A wonderful small group and we really got to know the other couples better. There was plenty of free time to spend with Richard and to talk about what we were learning. So refreshing and neat to look through that book and see how that couple celebrated each other. So good for our marriage. Plus my parents were able to watch Carson, and of course they loved that.
THis week is filled with things. My parents are coming back through today and staying for almost a week, which I really love the company especially during the day and if Richard works late. (One last time with them before they go back to Ecuador) I have my first Doctor's appt. on weds for 10 week check up and we should be able to hear the heart beat. A MUCH NEEDED haircut on thursday. I have an all day training for work on Friday. One year pictures for carson on Saturday, and his big 1 yr party on Sunday with family. I love looking forward to these things and enjoying them.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

You heard Right -

Yup - We are expecting baby #2. We are both so so excited to share this news with the blogger world. I am 8 weeks along and am due oct 14th. I go to the doctor on the 17th for the first time. We are super excited to keep adding to our family. I just hope we can love this baby as much as we love Carson and that this baby is as cute as Carson. hahaha. JK. So far I have not been feeling too well. Although never throwing up - just very nauseous and gagging a lot!!! I'm learning what things to do to help with the gross feeling and it's been manageable - but of course I have that overwhelming tired feeling that goes with it. It is a lot worse than I remember it being with Carson, but a lot of women have told me that each pregnancy it got worse for them. Other than the sickness we are all doing great and looking forward to having another child.
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