Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why do I blog?

Recently I've started getting comments about my blog - and I'm constantly surprised at how many people read my blog that I would never even dream of - mostly b/c it's hard for me to imagine anyone besides the grandmother's would be interested in what I write. I've never considered myself a "writer" at all!!!!!! I'm not very creative AT ALL! So it got me thinking - 1.why do I blog? And  2. what do I want to accomplish with my blog?
I LOVE blogging! Let's just start with that. I have become enamored with other women's blogs that I've come across. Mostly all mothers but all in different walks of life. Different amount of kids, some working, some staying at home, some believers, some not, some I know and others I don't know personally. And I find it so very interesting to read about their lives. I love to see how the express themselves and their creativity. (ps. I always think I'm not good enough to be like them b/c I do not write like them). But in looking to other's blogs I became inspired.

You see - MY blog is where I can say anything without being interrupted! I can get my whole point across and tell the entire story without getting cut off due to some of life's interruptions. (b/c let's face it - what mother can have a conversation with someone else while kids are present and not have interruptions???) I can tell what part I want to tell. I can write about my kids and what they are doing. My family - who is all very far away from me- can keep up with my life - It's a way to communicate with them effectively. I can also share my heart and what I'm learning and how I'm growing as a woman and as a follower of Christ. I can share how I'm being changed through God's grace. I'm learning to love, I'm learning to show love, I'm learning to share God's love through my life.

I'm like my mother in the way that I love communication of any form - but mostly letters, emails, FB comments or even comments on my blog. I love interaction in this way - and maybe for me it's because this is mostly the biggest way I communicate with my family. (b/c my parents are overseas) That's not to say that I absolutely love talking in person or over the phone. I just like socializing in general - whatever form it may be. I need it!!

I never want to portray to the world that I am perfect or that I have everything figured out! But i do want other's to see the satisfaction child-bearing and being a mom can bring. God designed it to be that way! I myself am learning how to Live a "Gospel Centered" life in my mundane, monotonous, seemingly trivial happenings of the day. I'm learning that "there is now No CONDEMNATION" b/c God has saved me through giving his Son, and that affects EVERY aspect of my life. Even wiping snotty noses, or dealing with tantrums from a 2 yr old, or teaching a 1 yr old to walk, or making another pbj sandwich. I fail OFTEN in acting on what I say I believe as far as God being good all the time, and showing unselfish love to my sons or my husband, but I"M LEARNING.  I'm learning what it means to love my neighbors but keep a balanced life at home! I'm learning how to give everything I have (time, money, energy and resources) but also keep my family healthy and stable and thriving. It's a challenge that ALL mothers face.

I blog to share my heart. I blog to maybe in some way encourage someone else. I blog to satisfy that "communication" longing in my heart, and because I like it! I've fought the fear in my head of "what will people think?" "Do they think I'm dumb?" "do they think I'm always on the computer?" "do they think I don't get anything else done?" "will people criticize this?"  But you know - I write for my family! I write to hopefully be a light shining for God and bring glory to Him in this way, by sharing what I'm learning and experiencing. My hope is that I share the reality of motherhood, but also the joy of motherhood and the blessing it can be.

and lastly - since our newest endeavor - I want to share how God leads us, and provides for us, and guides us and takes care of us in our new move to Fort Collins, CO.

So there you go, take it or leave it. :)

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Helen said...

I recently stopped and asked myself why I was blogging and what I wanted to accomplish with it. It's a joy to be creative and you never know how you might be an encouragement to! Please blog about what's going on at your new church I would be interested to read more about that :) Oh and I found you through the Titus 2sday linkup.

doddyj said...

Jess, I like you, love to read other mom's blogs to be encouraged that I'm not the only one dealing with the frustrations and weaknesses of being a mom...and also to rejoice when another mom stays strong, learns new things, and has those lightbulb moments from God alone. So, thanks for continuing to write. I like to read your blog when I come across the link on facebook! You have been a great inspiration and challenge to me, even in stepping out in faith in your move to CO. I love to see God work in God-ways, and that obviously only happens when His kids are willing to trust Him in anything. Thanks for choosing that path.

Michelle said...

Something you said, I feel, is good enough to be a quote!! So, I'll be using it as my most recent FB status. You're just that AMAZING! I love you, my friend xoxoxo

"I fail OFTEN in acting on what I say I believe as far as God being good all the time, and showing unselfish love to my sons or my husband, but I"M LEARNING." (that's a keeper..and very true in my life, too. I love it's honesty, humbleness, and it's transparency. It makes me think even MORE highly of you than I did before. You are a WONDERFUL example of a Christian woman. I am grateful to call you "friend".}

Christina said...

I love blogging too:) The reasons have changed over the years and the topics I write about change as well (I guess because I'm always changing:) Great post!

jeileenbaylor said...

I know this is an aside - but you look so stinking cute and tiny :) Way to go girl! Way to get healthy!

Trina Mayfield said...

AMAZING POST!!!!!!!! I absolutely loved this one! I am so glad that you blog and that I can read more about your life. Since you mention that you're like your mother, your mother really LOVES to read whatever you have to write! I still have tears in my eyes from reading this one. You are a very special daughter and I LOVE YOU!

Amanda said...

stopping in from Write on Edge .. this is great! I love that blogging just brings us all closer to each other through means of communication where we are able to tell our stories!

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