Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We made it through the hardest leg of the trip. We are so thankful to be done with it. We left PA about 4:30 AM and drove for 15 hrs!!!!! (normallly the trip takes about 12 hrs) We made pretty good time and the stops weren't too bad or too often - the truck is just slower. :( 
We are so so thankful that it went so well.  We were super tired and it was a long day - but the blessings were amazing. Our/your prayers for no traffic and good weather were answered. We were smooth sailing the whole way and we had no problems. The boys did great! very minimal crying or problems. They were pretty compliant and complained very little. We were so thankful. I received texts throughout the day from many friends and that was so encouraging to me!!!!! It was a wonderful surprise. 
West virginia - (only drizzle and didn't last long). The Sun was rising




Today we spent it with my grandparents. Richard and I slept a very full night. (about 9 hrs). And we even took a nap during the boy's naps. My grandparents are taking wonderful care of us. We feel revitalized and we're ready for another day. 
Tomorrow we hope to leave about 8 AM and drive about a 6 hr drive. (although it will take probably a while longer since we're in the truck) We will be in Kansas City tomorrow night. Still on our way. Thankful for how well things are going.

Thank you so much for your prayers for us. We definitely can sense them. We feel loved.
I'll keep you all posted on our next stop . . .

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Trina Mayfield said...

It sounds like everything is going really well (even the incident this morning that Grandma wrote to me about came at the perfect time!), and the Lord is blessing your journey. Our prayers continue with you throughout.

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