Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Virtual Tour/ welcome to CO

 Here is the last picture of us entering Colorado. And might I add - If I thought Kansas was bad - Eastern Colorado was worse!!!!! But I would attribute some of the unfavorableness due to the fact that I was sick of driving and really wanting to be home!
 Fort Collins!!!!!
Our new Home Town

Today we had our first Dinner in our new home as a family together that I cooked! It was a good feeling. we had Cajun Chicken Pasta with chocolate Zucchini muffins. 
Thanks Richard for humoring me and taking this picture :)

Here is a Video of our new apartment - Mostly for my Mother. Hopefully it doesn't make you too Dizzy and you can see it good enough. There really is a lot more space than we thought at first Glance. And places always look/smell better once your own stuff gets moved in and put in place, and deep cleaning is done. There is more closet space than i've ever had in any house I've lived in, so that is super nice. And i think I will love having everything on the same level. The boys really are loving it.
I think I need to add a disclaimer - The kitchen is to the left not the right. :) I can tell my directions most of the time. :)

Something that makes my "mother" heart so happy - Today we were coming home from an outing "learning the town" and Carson yells "we're home!!!" I'm so thankful the transition for the boys has gone so smoothly!


Kari said...

What a cute apt and you have it set up so nice and so quickly! I love the washer and dryer right off the kitchen - that is so convenient! It is a really cute place, and how sweet that Carson already calls it "home"!

Unknown said...

Very nice place! Glad you got there in good time and without any problems. :)

Unknown said...

Very nice place! Glad you got there in good time and without any problems. :)

Charlene said...

We can't wait to see the apt. We especially want to see the boys and you guys.

Trina Mayfield said...

LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for putting it up for your mother. I think your father watched it about 10 times so he got it REALLY good!:-) We really like it a lot! We love the fireplace and then the porch off the back too. It just looks perfect for your family and we're really glad you are settled into it already. NOW I can picture you cooking in your kitchen!:-)

Team Worth said...

Wow it looks so nice..and it's already decorate! You guys got everything up and running so fast...puts me to shame :) I'm still decorating lol...Way to go! Hope you are adjusting well!

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