Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Random friday list

1. Customer service is awesome in fort Collins
2. Never noticed how "un friendly" people were out east until we moved to the West! The bank has a greeter that asks how your day is and if she can help you with anything. That's before you get to any tellers who proceed to do the same. The grocery store workers all are smiling and making sure you're doing ok, and having a good day!!!!! it's so noticeable and amazing!!!!! (ps. not that I dislike the east coast - but it truly is noticeable here)
3. Fort Collins has more restaurants per capita (sp?) than any other city in the US. (haven't truly verified that fact myself, but it definitely seems true) So my sister asked if everyone is "fat" here. And no they are not b/c of random fact #4.
4. Everyone is super fit here b/c everyone rides their bikes, hikes, or runs or rock climbs or something Like Every day.
5. My boys sleeping in the same room is getting to be more of a challenge than the first night! I hope they get used to it soon.
6. Living on the 3rd floor isn't as bad as I thought it would be, at least for now (granted Richard doesn't work right now so he carries EVERYTHING including the boys for me)
7. There are so many grass hoppers here!!!! I was running along a trail and they were just hopping left and right off the path as I ran by, and i kept kicking them in mid jump! It was sorta freaking me out
8. Evenings here are great for family walks
9. Richard has a job interview on Monday. Please pray
10. We miss our family and friends back East terribly!!!! (but thankful we missed both the earthquake and the hurricane)

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Trina Mayfield said...

Now I KNOW I have to visit there because they have so many restaurants - my favorite!!!! I love finding out more about your city every time you write! I hope the boys get used to sharing a room soon too!!!:-)

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