Monday, August 8, 2011

11 Months

I can't believe that Landon is one month away from being a year old! I can't believe that it has literally flew by. To think about everything we have done and decided and how our lives are going to change in this year. WOW!

I've also decided this is my favorite age! Their personality starts showing so much, well scheduled, moving around so therefore more content, they love you and show their love by hugging or smiles, you see them discover new things daily, and still they are relatively innocent and not defiant therefore more enjoyable. :)
And Landon is truly all this!!!! I have always said he is the easiest baby - and I really think he is. he rarely cries and is always super happy! He climbs the stairs and LOVES it!!! He stands and slowly moves along the furniture. I think finally he has officially caught up to his age (being that he was a premie). My doctor said by 1 year i wouldn't notice anything and it is true. Finally he doesn't seem a few weeks behind the other babies. He is a goof ball and always making funny faces so we laugh. he squeals and laughs and tries to get our attention. But most of all, what I'm finding out that I love about him, he cuddles!!!! When you pick him up he will lay his head on your shoulder and wrap his arms around you and sit there for a while. It's the best thing in the whole world. It's his quiet way of telling me he loves me and is happy with me and comfortable in my arms. I LOVE IT!!!

I saw the sweetest thing happen today (and it doesn't happen like ever! so I thought I would document it). Landon was getting scolded about not touching the outlet, and Carson went and sat next to him and proceeded to explain that he could get hurt if he touched it. Then Carson handed him his milk cup and said "that's milk, drink it out of here". And kept trying to tell Landon how to sip it out! I thought it was so cute!!!!


Mommie Couture said...

I love this post! Landon is so adorable and it is so obvious how much you adore him. So, so sweet!

The Horaks said...

Awe, he sounds like such a sweetheart!

Trina Mayfield said...

Sorry I missed this day last Monday - but I just can't believe that he is 11 months old already AND that he will soon be 1 year old!!!!!!!!! Wow - what a year this has been and how quickly it has passed. I can't wait to hold him again! And Happy 11 Month-day to you, Landon! I LOVE YOU. From, Grammie

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