Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Piece of Spence Farm

My grandfather owned a produce/flower/christmas tree Farm in Woburn MA. He had lots of land in Canada where he shipped his trees from, he sold lots of corn and tomatoes and had many green houses full of flowers. He had a building where he sold retail produce and plants. The parking lot was always well landscaped with lots of flowers. As a grandchild most of my highschool work experience was from working at "the farm". (not as much as the other grandchildren b/c I lived overseas, but whenever we were in the states, he was willing to give us work) Spence Farm is in the process of being sold off now. All the land is almost completely gone now. :( This makes all of the family a little sad. We all have such great fond memories of "the Farm" and it is leaving a legacy behind in the Boston area.
When I was visiting the Boston area in May 2010 my aunt said I should go over and take some perennials from the over gown parking lot, that once used to look so pretty. I was so happy to be able to take a little piece of Spence Farm with me back to Scranton.
I had a perfect place for them in my front yard by the sidewalk where there happened to be 2 big holes. I couldn't wait to plant them and watch them grow. Of course Richard reluctantly helped me dig the plants up from the parking lot area, then figured out how to store them in the trunk without getting the trunk too dirty, then helped me replant them in our front yard. (and that my friends is true love!!!) i was so happy. Little did I realize that we would be moving in about 15 months. I was wondering if they would even come back the next year or if they actually did survive the trip to Scranton. But spring came in 2011 and lo and behold my plants came back, blossoming and looking great! I was ECSTATIC!!!!
Then we decided to move! Then we decided to rent an apartment in an apartment complex! Then it happened to be 1700 miles away! how was I going to take the plants with me? Would they even survive? Where would I put them when I got here? So many questions . . .  But I knew leaving them was dumb - then i was sure to not have them. I might as well try.
So after we packed the truck, I convinced Richard to dig them back up and put them in 5 gallon buckets with dirt and put them in the back of the truck. And at our stops, he even took them out of the truck so they could get a little bit of sun! :) (and once again, true LOVE)
By the time we got here they were looking pretty sad. :( As soon as we could we bought little planter bucket things and some more potting soil and replanted them. We do have a perfect little ledge for them where they get sun. They look terrible, and I'm afraid I will probably only have one, maybe two survive. I don't even know if they will come back b/c they are in pots. even though my family has a green thumb - i do not know that much about them. Wouldn't it be cool one day to plant them in my very own yard and always tell people that they are from my grandfather's farm!?!?!?!?! I hope they live . . .

really, lets be realistic - this one probably won't survive.
The only green you see, is Scranton grass/weeds growing strong

Among all those dead things in the bottom of the picture
I promise, there is little tiny new things springing up!
I hope its not grass!!!!! :(
I think this one might make it!

And I really hope this one does, it's the most promising
Anyone have any knowledge of whether they will survive in pots? I don't even know what they are. :( (my auntie terre might though) Should I really try to get them into the ground somewhere?


Trina Mayfield said...

I really hope they make it!!!! Those two do look like they'll survive and that was good to put them in pots right away. I'll ask Daddy about them and I'll let you know what he says (since he has the most green thumb in our household!). I loved reading this post!:-)

Charlene said...

Jess, maybe we can bring them back here to put them in the ground. When you get your own place then you can dig them up again and plant them. We will talk about it when we get there.

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