Thursday, August 18, 2011

update continued - Kansas is boring

We left Wataga IL, at about 9 AM on wednesday morning. But not without a little hiccup. As Richard was loading up our stuff he noticed our tire in the car was flat. We had run over a screw at some point. We were able to get it fixed fast and were very thankful that it happened before we left and at my grandparent's house where they knew where to get it fixed. Only set us a back a short time. (we had planned to leave by 8) we were on our way to Kansas City Missouri

We stayed the night here at our friends house from College. They are dear dear friends of ours. It was wonderful to stay with them and we enjoyed our short conversation with them. We were blessed by their hospitality
We woke up today and left Kansas City about 9ish headed for Colby Kansas! This was about a 6 hr drive that took us 7 hrs. (our stops just seem to take longer due to having to fill two vehicles and one of them diesel plus the truck can't go more than 70 mph)
this is my picture for Kansas! boy is this a boring state and so straight!
 We were aiming towards Colby Kansas and a hotel. We pulled into the hotel around 4pm ish. We made pretty good time. We are so glad to stay in this hotel. It's so nice. We got settled in, went and had pizza as a family. Carson has so much energy it's not even funny! As soon as we let him loose he runs and runs and runs and yells and screams and just goes crazy about everything! The hotel has a pool and we spent some time together there as a family! It's been perfect. Both boys have been sooooo happy tonight and it makes my heart glad to see them both smiling and laughing about everything. It's been a good family night.

I was more bored on the drive today b/c Kansas is a pretty boring state to drive through, so I tried to take a few pictures of our trip.

Carson a little annoyed at the sun on him

Landon in the mirror we have, that has helped me a lot!

A weird fire on the side of the road, kept me entertained for a while 

me- really bored

I have a cooler of easy food for us for our lunches. this has been great.
We stop at a rest area, let Carson run wild
and we save A-TON-OF-MONEY while we're at it


Tomorrow we have about 4-5 hours of our entire trip left! I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're almost there!!!! It's amazing how much peace we feel about doing what we are doing. We don't seem to be too worried yet about how God will provide b/c we are confident that God will provide for us! WE are so excited to get to our new home. now that the major part of our move is over, and we are almost at our new place I am FILLED WITH EXCITEMENT!!! I cannot wait to start our life in Fort Collins and to get plugged in and involved at our new church!
Can't wait to update you all from our new Hometown!

Again - thank you all for your prayers. We are truly grateful for our wonderful family and friends. I know I've said this before but we are truly blessed by so many of you! Again the texts and messages I've been receiving from you all is so wonderful and encouraging! Thank you all!!!!

(ps. in the previous post richard pointed out to me - Look at how the weather gets better the farther west we go in the pictures of the state lines. He said "that's a sign we're headed in the right direction". :) We are so ready to be in COLORADO!!!!)


Trina Mayfield said...

I laughed about the weather but it's so true! Colorado is even MORE beautiful - and after you pass through Kansas, Colorado is amazing! Daddy doesn't think Kansas is boring (he loves the farms - mile after mile), but I agree with you. And I'm so excited with you. Remember how you were thinking in June - how it would all work together - and now, it's worked together PERFECTLY!!! I loved seeing Carson RUNNING! He will need to get this week's energy OUT!!!:-) Can't wait to see pics of your new apartment!

Tiff said...

So glad the trip is going well!!

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