Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today was Richard's last day of work at Apex Restoration Inc. Kinda weird. We don't know when the next time he will be working again is, kinda weird! Although I will add - Richard and I are extremely thankful that today was his last day. This job has been a big part in our sanctification process and it didn't take a break from that in the last week he had to work there.

Tomorrow, my sis in law will take the boys for most of the day for us! And that, my friends,  I am extremely grateful for. Richard and i will work on tie-ing up all the lose ends in our apartment. Calling utilities, packing last minute stuff, cleaning, taking apart the furniture that needs to be disassembled, washing sheets and towels, packing all our stuff that we need the traveling week. you know, just little stuff here and there. :)
Saturday is the big day of packing the truck. We cannot say enough about our church family and friends and how they have helped us tremendously. A good friend of mine will watch the boys all morning so i can "oversee" the packing/cleaning process. (hahahaha).
Sunday -we plan to make it to church for our last time. that will be a very bitter/sweet day. And in the afternoon sometime head out to my twin sister's house about 3 hrs away.

Trip Plan
- Monday - Leave by 7AM (ish) and drive about 12 hours to my grandparents house in Western IL. Please pray for us on Monday if you think of it. 12 hrs is in a car with no truck and no small kids. I hope it doesn't take us much longer than that, but I'm expecting it to take a couple hours longer. I will be in the car with my 2 kiddos by myself (which makes "appeasing/entertaining" very hard) and Richard will be in the BIG truck with all our stuff. Pray the kids sleep an unusually long amount, pray for little-to-no construction and a smooth ride overall. This is the day I am most nervous about
-Tuesday- spend the day resting/visiting/relaxing with my grandparents and Cousins and Aunt and Uncle
-Wednesday- Do a 6 hr leg of the trip to Kansas city to stay with good friends from College
-Thursday- either a 10 hr trip to Fort Collins and arrive that night, or drive at least half way and stay in a hotel and finish the last leg on Friday. (this all depends on how our first day goes, and if we can make it to IL)
We hope to be in Fort Collins by Friday night! And then have a couple days of the weekend to unpack and get our barrings. Then Richard will hit it hard looking for a job on Monday. Pray for easy internet set up so that it makes it easier to search for things online. (even grocery store, bank and random info we may need)

Pray for a job for Richard - one that is conducive to him working at a church and helping and getting as involved as possible, but also provides benefits and sufficient pay to support our boys.

We are anxiously waiting for the day we arrive in Fort Collins and can start our life there!!! Carson says every day - "we going to Colorado?" it's so cute! but he did make sure that Landon, mommy and Daddy were going too. :)

I will try to post our progress in our trip as i can. I know my mom will be wanting to hear. :) We're very excited about our little adventure. I'm sure we will talk about it for years to come with our boys. Can't wait for it to be over though. :)


kellyH said...

excited for you! if you need to stop in Pittsburgh let me know. :) but I know you need to get MUCH farther than that before you stop! hope everything goes well and that the boys do great for traveling.

Trina Mayfield said...

You are so RIGHT - you're mother will definitely be on here WAITING daily for news!!!!:-) This is really exciting for you guys and I know that it will always be a special time for you - just as many of our changes in your growing up years have been! Praying for you throughout this week and all the traveling - and already praying for the PERFECT job for Richard!

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