Sunday, August 7, 2011


This is our last week here in Scranton. (I hope you don't feel like I'm beating this into the ground) but I'm sentimental about things. :)
I want to make it enjoyable and memorable. i want to enjoy this whole experience of moving and take it for the fun adventure with my family that it is.
This weekend was wonderful and I feel blessed.
Saturday was spent with family at Chuckee Cheese. Richard's brother and family that live about an hour and half south of here, came up for the afternoon. They have 3 boys and it was so much fun watching them interact together. Plus Richard's sister that lives here came with us, she also has 3 boys.  Carson loves his older cousins and had a lot of fun running around Chuckee Cheese bringing me tickets that his dad had won. :)
In the evening our wonderful Young Married's sunday school class had a dinner planned at a mexican restaurant. We got the best babysitters ever (our dear,dear friends Sandy and Gavin ps. they are getting married!!! wooohooo!) and our boys were well taken care of. We enjoyed ourselves with wonderful fellowship and were truly blessed by our dear friends.
Sunday our church gave us surprise flowers and a gift. We once again felt so blessed by our wonderful body of believers. We have made lasting friendships and we will cherish them forever. We will cherish the memories that we made here as we move on.
Looking forward to this week - it will be busy with last minute stuff, canceling things, setting things up at new place, packing, trying to sell more items on craigslist,  last time visits with our good friends. trying to fit in our lasts with everyone and for everything. Richard has only 4 days of work left (and we don't even know for how long, btw pray it's not too long :) ). This is our last Sunday night here in Scranton. WEIRD!

My heart is filled with Joy, and Sadness, Excitement  and Anxiousness. But mostly tonight I feel BLESSED. 

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Trina Mayfield said...

You sure have some adventurous days ahead. We're thinking of you and praying for you - throughout the next couple of weeks specifically. I hope you have a GREAT week!

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