Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's been a few days since I've updated. and I even missed my Random facts Friday. :( The reason for the lack of writing is b/c we've been doing a lot and it's been so much fun. But sadly I forgot my camera all the time so I can't document it.

Friday i drove down to Denver and we had a great time with our cousins making and decorating Christmas cookies. My sister in law had a great recipe for cut out cookies (it had orange zest and orange juice in it) and they are amazing!!!!! It was a great day out for me. The boys were amused for a short amount of time with the cookie decorating - but overall it was a great day. We made a mess of her kitchen and she was so gracious about it. :)

The rest of the weekend was filled with, baby shower, 40th birthday for our pastor, Christmas shopping for family and the boys.

My mother, even though she lives overseas, she has managed to always buy great Christmas matching outfits for my boys! I love to dress them up like this and they got lots of attention at church for their cute-ness. :) I'm pretty sure they will wear these outfits for 3 weeks in a row 1) b/c they are so cute, 2) so that I can get good use out of them.

Random facts-
-I had to get the boys ready for church today by myself b/c Richard had to go early -it was a kinda hectic morning b/c they also need baths!!! (Baths are not fun here in our house, mine cry all the time)
- I picked up literally a million cheerios off the ground today b/c for some reason every time I left the room Carson thought i was funny to pour them all over the floor! For some reason I kept leaving them within his reach
-Landon found bananas in the boys trash can (for some reason Carson has been taking one or two bites of his banana and hiding them in his trash can without be knowing) and was eating them! Who knows how long they had been in there and it was GROSS!!!!
-Thankful for God's forgiving Grace even though it was a frustrating morning and i did not react correctly to my boys! I'm a mother in desperate need for God's grace the whole day - and I'm thankful he has forgiven my sins and loves me despite my failings.


The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

First I would like to ask if you have that recipe from your sister-in-law? And if so, can I have it too? It sound great and I would love to do that this week with them. Next, your boys are SO cute!!! That was the cutest outfits ever!! Mum does always do a great job getting the boys (all the grandboys) outfits :-) Love ya, great post!!

Trina Mayfield said...

I just laughed so much at the cheerios and the bananas!!!! I know it's not funny to you, as their mother, but it was hilarious to me, their grandmother!!!! I LOVED IT! Anyway, I'm glad you made it through the day and I LOVE buying outfits and things for my grandsons - ALL 5 of them!:-)

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