Friday, December 2, 2011

10 Random Facts Friday

A look into how mundane
but beautiful life as
a mother really can be. 

1. I have a stuffy nose and cold - not miserable but not comfortable either :)
2. Carson is pretending to cook/eat things, and he even pretended his blanket was a baby and put it to sleep and was talking like it woke up and stuff. So cute!
3. I only went out into civilization one day this week - library and lunch at panera with boys and a friend. (b/c we all know there is no civilization in our house with my two boys. hahahaha) and truly I don't know if in the winter it's worth it. To take Richard to work and pick him up, plus go to the places I need to, with all the coats and mittens and car seats. It was a lot of work.
4. I love looking in the back seat at the boys all bundled up squished into their car seats with their arms stiff out and mittens on the end. A little smile always pops out from under the bundle and it's really cute!
5. My living room at this current moment is covered with our couch cushions, train tracks, cars  and books - and it's driving me crazy but I'm trying to just let them play. :) At least my bed is made that always helps.
6. Landon adores Carson - it's so cute to see him want to do and imitate everything Carson does.
7. I hope we get a chance to decorate and buy our real christmas tree and set that up this weekend.
8. Landon walks like a crab - sorta sideways, should I be worried?
9. We're having chicken Swiss bundles for supper - and we love it! recipe here - Chicken Swiss Bundles Recipe
10. We have no plans tonight - I hope we come up with something - b/c ITS FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

You make me laugh but I love these posts cuz it lets me see what your thinking and alittle about your day. Miss you! I'm so with you on the winter and bundling up, on both accounts. I always have to weigh if it is worth going out that day with all the gear, and it is great to see the boys in the back seat bundled up :-) Thanks!!

Trina Mayfield said...

These random thoughts sound JUST LIKE YOU! And you are so much like me, it makes me laugh when you write it (like about "trying to let them play but your bed is made")! No, I don't think you should be a bit worried about Landon's strange walking - by the time he's 10, you'll totally forget about how he walked now!:-)

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