Thursday, December 8, 2011

everyday in the life of the Gardners

Ok - now that I've waisted all the precious naptime making these mundane pictures worthwhile  - Let me me write a small little post. Then I need to shower (yes, i have not showered since my early morning run and I know that's gross, but hey, I hate to shower, but I must since we are going out in public tonight), study my material for Porterbrook, and write out my christmas cards plus make supper, all in about 3 hrs. i can do it!!!

But not before I enjoy a wonderful cup of Trader joe's coffee (do no ask me what number mug for the day that is unless you want to be amazed/surprises/or judge me) and the BEST MOST AMAZING caramel corn you will ever taste! I posted the recipe on pintrest so follow me and then look it up!!!!! i hope there is still some popcorn left for tonight's Life Group!!!!

Landon is really becoming such a Ham!!!!! He is so goofy. It amazes me how much he understands and communicates to me even if he never says anything besides UH, UH, UH, in a super whiny but very getyourattention kind of way! He watches EVERYTHING and really pays attention and figures things out!
For some reason he walks around the house with a little round cup and a stick. The variations of toys that fit this mold are amazing but he always has something like this in his hand, and he's banging them together.

ps -mum, I put the top right picture in just for you. I know you hate seeing pics of slobber. :) But this kid is SLOBBERY!!!  If you see him without a string of drool down his chin - please document it for me, b/c I have never seen that.

And then my precious Carson - He loves to tear apart our living room, and jump all over the place. he is very athletic and is very proficient at any acrobatic move you can imagine, and if you haven't imagined it, he already has and done it. He communicates so well, and remembers so well.  he has gotten considerably cuddly lately. I don't really know why - but he is always giving me a hug, or asking for hugs or asking to be carried "carry you" he says but he really means "carry me". It's just so funny that every time we respond "you want to carry me" he says "yes". :) LIke that's possible. :) I am soaking up the sweet moments of cuddles from him and he is so sweet!
We are working on not interrupting - which is not going so well, but if you have suggestions let me know - so one random time as he's yelling in a visitors face something very trivial while they are telling us a story, I say, "you need to say excuse me". From then on every time, he just repeats "excuse me" as fast and as many times as he can as close to your face as he can get until you acknowledge him, then he says something like "look that airplane" or soemthing very menial and funny. I can't help but laugh b/c he is saying excuse me but still very much so interrupting. I guess we'll keep working on that. :) he just has so much to say!

As I enter this busy time of year I want to still enjoy the days that I have at home, still teach my boys things and let them participate in my daily activities.

Now coffee is done, caramel corn is long gone (at least that portion, i shoulda just set the whole bowl in front of me) serenity is over! TIME TO GET MOVING!
I hope you all are having a great Thursday - I know we are here!


Trina Mayfield said...

I loved reading about how the boys are growing and changing - and learning how to do so many things! I'm so glad you are enjoying your role these days. And, you are right with the picture, but when it's my grandson - I'll take him HOWEVER he comes!:-)

Katie Barker said...

I'm not a parent (yet...) but I have seen this technique used by other parents, in fact my parents used it with us, and I sometimes do it to get Tim's attention when we are standing with other people or he is on the phone.

The idea is that the child waits patiently without saying anything and puts their hand gently on the parent's arm or leg (whatever they can reach)and waits to be "called on". This let's the parent know, obviously, that the kid wants to say something.

The parent as soon as appropriate/possible, can then say "yes, Jane, what would you like to tell us" it's great with the phone too, b/c the kid isn't yelling for attention and the other person on the phone hears it.

I don't know if this all makes sense or not, but maybe it would work?!

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