Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

This was not a good year for Family pictures at all! :(
I'm so sad to say. We need a new camera and will probably get one
But we did have some feeble attempts at good family pictures

Thursday evening:
Richard got off of work at normal time. We had a sorry excuse for a dinner
(mostly b/c I did not want to cook and was on vacation mode)
Then drove around Fort Collins and saw all the beautiful lights.
Boys in their christmas pj's :)
It's always fun trying to drive around town to find the coolest
neighborhood. And we have to pick out our favorite house. :)
We also got stuck in the snow. :) It was a beautiful night for light-seeing. Just snowed and the town
was glistening.
One particular street was not plowed well at all. and yes, we got stuck
What a fun memory of Carson scared to death in the back,
landon sound asleep,
and Richard pushing the car
while I try to gun it out. :)Only with our Alero in Colorado :)

The rest of the Christmas season was spent in Grand Junction CO
Woke up super early Friday Morning
made the 5 hour trek to Grand Junction
We had beautiful scenery. It had snowed a ton about a day before.
The mountains were just amazing
the wildlife along the road was so cool.

The boys were showered with gifts
and love from both sides
of our families.
Our day was filled, literally filled, with 
good food, skyping distant family, chatting with present family
and playing trains with the boys.

We did have a little bit of sickness.
Landon had a fever for like 4 days. Low Grade and no other symptoms
but momma was starting to worry
then, as fast as it came on it left. :/ What can I say?
Teeth?!?? i have no idea!

We are so thankful! 
And we had a great Christmas Season!
Now onto New Years!

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Jessica said...

It sounds like you had a very sweet Christmas! I remember as a child, my parents taking us on nightly car rides in our pjs in which we also drove through neighborhoods and picked out the best house. So much fun!

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