Friday, December 9, 2011

10 Random Things- Friday

1. I cannot even believe that it's Friday again already. This doesn't happen to me often, but it seems like it was just last Friday. We love us a good Friday night around here! :)

2. A fellow RA from college was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer a very short while ago, and had surgery to remove the tumor. As of last night one grew back super fast in it's place and threatened to take her overnight. As far as I know she made it through the night, and is in surgery to remove it again this morning. In college people told us things like this would happen to our friends. When you're in college you wonder who will be "famous", who will fall into deep sin and turn away, who will be great missionaries etc. Now after 7 years these things are starting to happen to our fellow classmates. God's grace is pouring out on her very young family and husband and so many people are uplifting them in prayers. If anyone knew Heather - she was a gem, wonderful, sincere and loving of all people. It's very humbling, and encouraging and sorrowful all at the same time.

3. when I only had Carson, he would very routinely get a banana and a bowl of cheerios with milk just about every morning. They both still get  a banana but Landon gets a bunch of dry cheerios dumped on his tray, what will happen to my third child? just handing him the box of cheerios and say "have at it" ? hehehe (I wonder if Landon is jealous when he sees carson with a bowl of cheerios with milk, while he gets dry cheerios on his tray? )

4. I think we are going to try to go to a Parade of Lights nearby tomorrow evening. I cannot wait.

5. I've started going to the Library regularly with the boys, and I love having a plethora of books to read to carson throughout the week. And mostly I love that he sits and listens to them.

6. Along the same line, I got a Dr. Seuss book Titled " Hunches in Bunches". Yeah, weird book and Carson always asks what those things are. It's really hard to explain to him, those hats that look like pointed hands are "hunches". What's a hunch?  Dr. Seuss books are great and fun to read, but hard to explain to kids. Have you ever read "if I ran the circus"?? another very hard book to explain to my poor almost 3 year old.

7. I really need my hair trimmed, it looks very scraggly, but do not want to pay $30 bucks for a trim. Maybe I'll just still go to Fantastic Sams or Cost Cutters.

8. I know I've said this before, but Landon imitates EVERYTHING  Carson does. Today i gave Carson a toasted bagel and told him to be careful b/c it was hot, Carson proceeded to blow on it. Landon got a piece of a non toasted bagel and he blew on the Not-hot piece, b/c Carson blew on his bagel. I thought that was funny. :) (Notice a trend Carson gets a toasted bagel with butter, and Landon gets a plain cold bagel, poor guy)

9. I pretty much finished all the "projects" that were making me busy, now I just have to do fun baking and presents for our small family!

10. My boys' faces are super dry here. :( Chapped, chapped, Chapped.  (especially where the drool is constant, which is like the entire chin :) ) I put Eucerin on it like 100x's a day and have started using chapstick. Any other suggestions?


cupKait said...

just an idea- at the daycare we used to mix dry cereal and yogurt for the little guys- that way its a little more exciting, but easier to eat than cereal and milk. audrey still likes her cereal this way:)

Trina Mayfield said...

I always love reading your random thoughts! And it's fun to hear how the boys are growing and changing. I love how Landon imitates Carson and I'm sure Landon will get a toasted, buttered bagel too when he's almost 3!:-)

The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

Great random thoughts :-) I thot for the dry, chapped skin= someone told me about using Vaseline. Aaron also copies everything Danny does and I fine it so cute. Sometimes its annoying when I tell Danny not to do something and then Aaron has to do it cuz Danny did it so I end up having to punish them both :-( Thank you for sharing!!

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